As per requested by 10yearsin, a story about a bisexual milkmaid, to celebrate that we are both out and proud! Oh, and obsessed with heaving bosoms. (The brawny Scot wil appear in a later story, I promise!)



Blonde like the sun.

Blue eyes, like the open skies.

Soft, milky skin.

Bouncing bosoms.

Greta was a sight to behold.

I fancied her. Of course I did. How could you not fancy her?

Late at night, I’d think of her. I would stroke my skin, from my neck, over my tender breasts, to my stomach.

My fingers would linger there, right before they went down, between my legs, between the lips of my already wet pussy.

She was the first girl I ever fancied. She was the first girl who ever made me soak through my panties with desire.

Who knew that I would fall for a milkmaid?

The first time we fucked, it was, for lack of a better word, magical. She scissored me. Rubbed her cunt up against mine, until we were nothing but sweat, lust and pussy juice.

Every time we were together, we were fucking. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

First loves are magical, aren’t they?


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