Wank Wednesday time! The prompt, as mentioned in the last post, is journal. If you want to play, I redirect you here.

Oh, by the way, this is fictional, as always. Not based on me.


I write you down with expertise.

The virginally blank pages of my Moleskine journal filled with descriptions of everything about you.

From the way you talk, to the way you walk.

The way your lip curls when you’re trying to hide a cheeky smile.

The way your teeth are blindingly white and perfect.

Yes, even that!

I’m obsessed with you.

Obsessed with those glasses you wear.

Those little dimples in your cheeks.

Your neck… would love to leave bitemarks on there…

Your chest… yes, your toned chest. Sets my loins on fire.

Fuck me, you’re gorgeous.

And that ass. Oh, that tight ass. Can I touch it? Can I spank it?

But the one thing I haven’t seen yet…

I want to ask you tonight.

Can I see it?

Can I touch it?

Lick it even?

I write you down with expertise.

But I want to write all of you.

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