Just Keep Going Till You Crash

I think I overstepped my own limit. Trying to write, trying to cram in a 10k word count project that’s due on the first of January… Reading over the lines I had written, what seemed like a wonderful idea yesterday just came crashing down in front of me.

It seemed I had written myself into a big knot, and I saw no way out of it. My seat-of-your-pants approach to story writing came back to bit me in the arse. And I felt horrid.

I have a lot of difficulties with concentration and continuity. I can easily plan the first part of a story and wrap it up, but the middle bit…. tricksy fucker.

I think I’m pretty good at this short story writing. I am almost convinced I can convey the delicate emotions of lovers in few words, but I ask myself every day why I can’t for the life of me push through with something longer.

I crashed today. Hard. But I’m trying to pick up the pieces.

If I learned anything from this is that you need to give yourself a break sometimes. Take time to go for a walk.

Maybe I needed time to stop and smell the roses.

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