Not Guilty, Still A Secret

Right. I’ve slightly recovered from my downer of an Easter weekend. Well, proficiently enough to bring you some TMI Tuesday. It’s apparently about guilty secrets. I think.

Let’s go!

Love, Hate, and Guilty Secrets. We never mind telling people about things we love or hate, but how about the things we love, but would hate for anyone to find out about?

Well, it’s time to free yourself of that fear!

For each of the categories below, list one thing you love, one that you hate, and then, take a deep breath and tell us something you hate to admit you love.

You’ll feel better for it!

1. Food
I love

I’ve not eaten it an awful lot, but I am absolutely gagapants for jam roly-poly. I also love spinach and ricotta tortellini. A lot.

I hate

Anything too fancy. Belgian cuisine has made a reputation for itself for being too fucking fancy.

My guilty secret is

I eat Nutella from the jar.

2. Apparel
I love

The outfit I just bought that makes me look like a saucy fifties secretary. I love retro-thingies and I’m dying to get my wardrobe filled with them. I also love geek-chic (avec big black specs).

I hate

Anything that has the name of the brand on it in MASSIVE letters. Unfortunately, my entire town seems to think that this is a thing they should wear.

My guilty secret is

I really want a very expensive dress in my collection. One that makes me feel like a goddess. Matthew Williamson, Julian Mc Donald, any of these names would do.

3. Books
I love

I really love books like “Yes Man” by Danny Wallace. I started reading that after I got on the Eurostar to Belgium and when I next looked up, we’d already passed the Channel Tunnel. It was THAT addictive to read.

I hate

Autobiographies by people I can’t stand. I LOVED reading “Look Back in Hunger” by Jo Brand, but that’s because I actually like her. You are not going to catch me reading…. whatever Len Goodman’s piece of tat is called. Also, I really fucking loathe John Barrowman’s book.

My guilty secret is

Ehem… Although I really quite resent her face and can’t stand hearing about that stuck up orange bint… I really loved “Angel Uncovered” by Katie Price.

Excuse me whilst I go die now.

4. Songs
I love

I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow. Cos that’s mah JAM.

I hate

Depends on what mood I’m in. Right now, I’d really hate any melancholic ballad, because it would just make me more moody.

My guilty secret is

This is going to probably make you want to not respect me anymore, but I really fucking love What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. There, I said it. Please don’t hurt me.

*ducks for cover*

5. Movie
I love

Brassed Off, The Full Monty,…

I hate

Confessions of a Shopaholic. WHATDABLOODYFECK did they do to that book?

My guilty secret is


Because it’s fucking funny, I tell ya.

6. TV Show
I love

Masterchef Australia. In fact, I’m watching it right now. There’s this Flemish comedy I’m absolutely loving, called Danni Lowinski, about this very primpy hairdresser who becomes a lawyer. She’s amazing.

I hate

Any home-renovation show that isn’t presented by Debbie Travis. See Extreme Makeover Home Edition for reference.

My guilty secret is

Come on, you must all know by now that I’m a reality telly addict?

7. Celebrity Crush
I love

Tom Hardy. Tim Minchin. Fassbender. McGregor.

I hate

Ashton bloody Kutcher. Brad Pitt. Any of those typical Hollywood buffs.

My guilty secret is

I ship Cumberbatch/Me.

8. Music Group
I love

James. I can’t thank ILB enough for introducing me to them.

I hate

Take That, post reunion with Robbie. No-one really needed The Flood, right?

My guilty secret is

I still know every word to every Steps hit, and I’m damn proud of that. Also, some of the dance moves.

9. Sports Team

I’ll save you a lot of time here and tell you that I really don’t follow sports.

Sex Position or Sex Act or fetish
I love

I’d imagine I’d love missionary, since I’m most comfortable masturbating whist lying on my back.

I hate

Not being able to climax loudly. Sometimes I just want to scream my head off. Then I remember where I live and who I live with.

My guilty secret is

My not-so-guilty and not-so -secret secret is that I’d love to MMF some day.


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  1. So…there will be pictures of this saucy fifties secretary outfit, right? Preferably with you in it. I note that you say it’s retro, so I take that to mean that it’s an outfit that might be worn by a secretary in the 1950s, and not an outfit that might be worn by a secretary who was, say, fifty-seven years old.

    The MASSIVE letters thing is annoying. People have forgotten that clothes are worn to keep one warm, not to advertise the designer.

    You’ve a crush on Minchin? No. Way. 😉

    Agreed with Rory – we LOVE not having to hold back. Our daughter is a heavy sleeper (when she actually sleeps), so that helps.

    1. It is very much the former, my dear Jack. And there will be pictures. I’m probably wearing it at the next Meet, so I’ll ask our lovely house photographer to take a few snaps, if he wants.

      I swear, if I see one more dude with SCAPA emblazoned on his shirt (which dude thinks is stylish of course), I…. smh.

      Do I? Well, I never knew! :p

      I’m gonna lock myself up in a cage for a month and have all the screaming orgasms ever. x

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