The Boys Club

So, you all know that aside from being a blogger, I also write smutty stories.

By weird coincidence, these stories do get published, and I do get to do the promo thing.

This is my way of telling you that I’m gonna do a promo thing right now.

Because, tah-dah!


The Boys Club has hit the digital shelves!

This is the second story I did for Naughty Nights Press (third, if you count Lindi Hop, which was a free read) and I genuinely love working with them. They very kindly published my first story, late last year, for which I am eternally grateful, because it gave me a pretty awesome start.

So, The Boys Club. Eleven authors, twelve saucy M/M stories, for you to enjoy. Mine is a sizzling (literally) story called Heat of The Desert. It’s about a couple from London who manage to get themselves lost in the desert on a road trip through the States. Of course, sexy (and very dusty) desert sex occurs. I will say no more… (but it involves the hood of a car…)

I’d say, go and buy it, because… well, because I am very proud of my story, and in very good company. If you’re not convinced yet, Romance in Review has reviewed us!




Eleven authors – twelve naughty male-on-male stories that will bring you to your knees.

Join the authors and find out just what happens – what only exclusive members are privileged to see – in “The Boys Club”

Our author’s kinky characters tell all about the sexual escapades they partake of within the pages of The Boys Club in their individual gay male stories.



Fanboys – Stella Harris
Room For Two – J.S. Morbius
Getting Fit – Abby Hayes
Irish Sea – Rachel Carling
Daemonic Desires – Eve
Race Day – A Boy’s Club Initiation – Cassandre Dayne
A Night at San Gregorio Beach – Pablo Michaels
Opposites Attract – J.S. Morbius
Heat Of The Desert – Jill Boyd
The Night I Learned Chemistry – Garland
Panties in a Bunch – BLMorticia
The Bigger The Bill, The Bigger The Thrill – Logan Zachary


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