Porn The Beautiful ~ An Interview with Sophie Delancey

Camille Crimson in action. Courtesy of The Art of Blowjob dot com

When I first discovered Art of Blowjob, and in turn, Camille Crimson, I was amazed. I had stumbled upon the sexy goldmine that is Beautiful Porn. Camille is, by coincidence, also a very lovely person, and has supported my endeavors from the moment I first met her. I am a massive supporter of beautiful, smart and sexy porn, and am absolutely delighted to spend some words on the phenomenon. In the future, you can expect some words from Camille herself and from Lilyanne Bloom, of Pornographic Love fame.

But today, we start this ish off with someone I absolutely love to bits. Her name is Sophie Delancey, and she is one-third of the Art of Blowjob team. In this interview (which will most likely be continued in the next few days, so expect a part two!), she talks to me about Beautiful Porn, working with Camille and how porn is changing one step at a time. Transcribed from a Google Chat earlier in the evening.

Jillian: So, would you please introduce yourself to my readers, lovely lady?

Sophie: I’m Sophie Delancey. I’m a PR and Marketing coordinator for a fabulous group of websites devoted to making beautiful porn. I get to work especially in developing exactly what that means and how it’s portrayed, and I get to focus specifically on the business side of how best to make that concept clear and increasingly popular.

Jillian: Sounds absolutely smashing!

Sophie: It really is.

Jillian: What are you working on right now?

Sophie: A big new sneaky project that I can’t divulge yet. But it’ll be huge.

Jillian: Ooooerrr, that sounds exciting!

Sophie: We’re also working on another Hustler DVD and a few other as of yet top-secret projects.

Jillian: Tell me about Art of Blowjob and how you got to working with Camille Crimson.

Sophie: The Art of Blowjob is amazing porn. It’s revolutionary in that it’s the first site devoted to the portrayal of blowjobs as something artistic and enjoyable for both parties. I’ve always been into blowjobs myself, and I really didn’t like the flippant disregard almost all porn had for something that was such an integral part of my sex life.

Jillian: Blowjobs are usually portrayed in a very stand-offish way, aren’t they? Like the giver isn’t actually enjoying it.

Sophie: There’s something so blase about it. Very much going through the motions Then there’s the flip side with blowjob sites with really rough and often degrading blowjobs. That’s sort of a grey area for me on a personal level. I find that type of thing hot in my own sex life, given the proper context and understanding of respect and consent and all that.

It’s almost never presented that way in porn and it makes all porn like that seem iffy on how much the performers are actually enjoying themselves, which is a deal-breaker for me.

So it’s extremely nice to have something like The Art of Blowjob where there is substantial focus on blowjobs, but there’s nothing about you that either wants them to just get it over with or makes you cringe as she gags.

Beside the basic elements of blowjob porn, it’s stunningly crafted. The way it’s shot is legitimately cinematic and yet not unapproachably glamorous.

Jillian: I absolutely love the style in which the clips are shot.

Sophie: We like to toss around the term “aspirational”, which sounds a little Martha Stewart-y, but kind of fits. It’s porn that you can aspire to and realistically achieve in your own life.

Jillian : Exactly.

Sophie: I think that’s part of the anger that a lot of porn viewers have about traditional porn. They’re aroused, but there’s also a feeling that they’ll never get to live that, so it’s an unfulfilling experience in some ways.

The conversation momentarily shifts to personal matters, which I am not going to transcribe for the sake of your precious eyes. But eventually, we talk about how Camille Crimson’s personal style of giving blowjobs proves to be an inspiration for many.

Sophie : But yeah, Camille is awesome both as a skilled blowjob queen and a human being, so it’s great getting to work with her.

Jillian: I love that Mike (Mike Flirt, Camille’s partner, blowjob receiver and camera whiz)  is clearly into all of this too.

Sophie: Oh, absolutely. He is also wonderful and his camera skills are just out of this world. I’ve been lucky enough to get to help them shoot a couple of times and it’s been a revelation. They are always alone to preserve the intimacy, but I’ve helped out a handful of times to try different techniques and see what works.

Jillian: I imagine you do learn from watching the way they work and gel together on the scene.

Sophie: They’re seamless. It’s like clockwork how the set up, get connected, start shooting, take down and go to lunch. It’s not a business feeling, but there’s a great effortless rhythm.

Jillian: Which is important in intimate productions like this, of course.

Sophie: Exactly. They’re really in tune with each other, which translates perfectly in their videos.

Jillian: It totally works and it is a joy to watch.

Sophie: That’s what porn should be. I don’t want to watch something that makes me feel bad after. I don’t want to watch something where I have to overlook stylistic elements or obvious fakeness to get off… I just want hot but normal people enjoying themselves and making me feel like I’m a part of it.

Jillian: You and me both, Sophie.

Sophie: It’s weird that it seems to be such a tall order for porn.

Jillian: Porn is a very mass-produced thing, it seems.

Sophie: It is. That’s why it’s so great to work for a small company. Everyone is personally invested in this. We have a real mission to revolutionize porn and make it something real and beautiful. When I tell people what I do, there are tremendously off-base preconceived notions, but by the time I fully explain what we’re about, it’s almost like a rallying cry.

Jillian: Don’t you feel annoyed that you need to explain the entire concept of what you do every time you tell someone?

Sophie: Yes, but the nice thing is that I’m able to blow someone’s mind and make them think differently about sexuality every time. But really, the times, they are a-changin’. Porn has shifted into a place where there is a little more emphasis put on aesthetics, feminism, respect… I’m not saying it’s by any means perfect yet, but as someone who follows the industry every day, it’s a world of difference from where it was even when I started, which is 2 and a half years ago.

Jillian: What with things like Make Love Not Porn arriving on the scene, it does look like small steps are being taken towards a bigger goal.

Sophie: For sure. I’m interested to see what ends up happening with that. Even big companies like Manwin have sites like now, which is much more glam than anything that had been coming from them before.

Jillian: It’s because there’s been an outcry for better production values and actual storylines.

Sophie: I’m not sure that big companies can get the full experience of beautiful porn out there, but it’s a sign of the shift that they’re trying. It’s even just awesome that Hustler is putting out our DVDs. Having such a mainstream company want to invest in high-quality respectful porn is a really big deal.

Jillian: I have massive respect for Hustler for putting out your DVDs.

Sophie: It really bumped them up in my books. They’ve always been risk-takers, but it’s cool to see them take a risk in such an unconventional direction for mainstream porn.

Jillian: It’s a step in the right direction.

Sophie: These things move at a glacial pace, but there’s time. By that, I mean anything related to sex. We’re still so backwards.

Jillian: In writing this blog and learning how the world stands towards sex these days, I’ve been appalled a good few times.

Sophie: I’m routinely shocked, but I’m also routinely pleased. Beautiful porn is making inroads and we’re privy to a whole lot of positive feedback, much of which is heart-warming. It’s always nice when we forward around comments and e-mails to each other that brighten our days and strengthen our resolve.

Jillian: It shows that there is a market out there for what you guys do.

Sophie: An ever-growing market of people who are gobsmacked to find out that porn can make them feel good both in their genitals and in their lives.

Jillian: And that’s exactly the way it should go.

Sophie: It’s the best feeling.



Thank you to Sophie for willing to be grilled by me. There is most likely going to be a part two.

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  1. Great interview Jillian! You and Sophie are totally spot-on with everything we’re all about here. Porn should be beautiful, and if you go to the right place (like ArtOfBlowjob) it is.

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