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I’d like to say that my following guest and I have a long and smoke-filled history together, but I would be blatantly lying in your lovely faces. Christian Madsen and I met through mutual friends who I met through mutual friends. I soon learned that he is not only very knowledgeable about the porn industry, but is also a fucking awesome dude with an eye for talent. So I found it only natural to drag his Danish arse to my blog for an interview.



Introduce yourself to my readers, and tell them all why you’re a cool cat.

My name is Christian Madsen, I’m Danish (sort of), I’m a man’s man, a self-taught intellectual, newly appointed editor-in-chief of the smut rag Whackmagazine, struggling mainstream freelance screenwriter/journalist/essayist and citizen of the world, I belong to no tribe.

How did you get started in writing?

I’ve always written, ever since grade school. I use to write these very, very long essays back then about wizards, knights and elves. Eventually my teacher had enough of reading twenty-five pages of it, and she made limits as to how much we could write.

It’s sort of weird how I got into writing, because I’m not a very good speller, I’ve always struggled with English and Danish. I actually couldn’t even read until the 4th or 5th grade I think (?). I think one of the reasons I like writing, is because I love stories – all stories. I love hearing them and I love telling them, nothing beats a good story.

Right out of school I started doing a lot of poetry – I was all about the beatnik generation at that point – everything I wrote had a sensual, sexual rhythm to it, a jazzy vibe. But for some reason, that just died out for me.

It wasn’t until 2008 that I really, seriously, sat down and committed myself to writing and trying to make a living out of it. I wanted to be a big time Hollywood screenwriter.

How did you get started writing about sex and porn?

I was trying to make it as a screenwriter in Denmark, but I wasn’t really having much success with it. I was making enough to get by, but not much more and it really wasn’t going anywhere I felt. At them same time I was getting into reading all these adult blogs, such as: ZZinsider, Peeperz, Fleshbot, Whackmagazine and Pop Porn. I thought to myself “hey, that could be fun!” – So I started doing some writing on my tumblr (story-lab.tumblr.com) and I got some really good feedback on it, better feedback than I have ever had on my mainstream stuff in Danish. It really overwhelmed me and took me by surprise the way people (both outside and inside the adult industry) liked my writing! That gave a lust for writing for something bigger and more established. So I began mailing articles and interviews out to the different blogs out on the internet highway. In December 2011 Whackmagazine brought me on board.

What fascinates you about sex and the porn industry?

I’ve always been fascinated by pop-culture and sub-culture, and by sex (who isn’t?!). To me, porn is very much both pop-culture and sub-culture, as in; everybody watches porn, it’s popular, but also hush-hush. At the same time, it’s this closed of section of the entertainment industry where the rest of us are looking in, but not getting to be a part of it. To me that makes it a sub-culture.

The other thing I like about porn, or should I say the people in porn is – they have great stories to tell. Sometimes it’s hard to get these stories out of people, but once you get them – oh my god! It’s amazing what they have to tell.

Apart from editing Whack Magazine, what are your other writing gigs?

Adult blogs – I’ve written for Porn Dot Com, ZZinsider, Fleshbot, Darling House and Story-Lab (my own site). I’ve also written some mainstream stuff but that’s all in Danish.

What was the coolest thing you’ve done in the business so far?

Oh man! Good question. I’m really proud of the piece I did on Katie West on Fleshbot (http://straight.fleshbot.com/5922355/in-praise-of-katie-west)

My first article on ZZinsider (http://www.zzinsider.com/blogs/view/neutral_grounds_why_sex_is_better_in_a_hotel)

for WHACK! I think my best work are Violet+Rye interview (http://www.whackmagazine.com/2012/01/19/violet-rye-%E2%80%94-%E2%80%9Cwe-take-photos-make-videos-and-share-stories-it%E2%80%99s-fucking-fun-so-why-not-do-it%E2%80%9D/)

Joshua Darling interview (http://www.whackmagazine.com/2012/04/20/joshua-darling-%E2%80%94-%E2%80%9Cdarling-house-is-a-virtual-and-real-time-salon-of-artists-personalities-and-adventures-cultivating-a-new-erotic-movement-%E2%80%9D/)

Sovereign Syre interview part 1 (http://www.whackmagazine.com/2012/06/12/factory-grrrl-v2-0-%E2%80%94-a-conversation-with-sovereign-syre-part-1/) and part 2 (http://www.whackmagazine.com/2012/06/19/factory-grrrl-v2-0-%E2%80%94-a-conversation-with-sovereign-syre-part-2/)

There are so many cool things I’ve written on Whack, I can’t even remember them? Go check out this list and you can find all my WHACK! work there http://www.whackmagazine.com/author/christian-madsen/

How did you get to be friends with Sovereign Syre and the likes?

I don’t know if we’re friends? But I happened to notice her through a piece ZZinsider did like a year ago. From there I found Darling House, Joshua Darling and the rest of the gang. I really liked what they were doing and we just found some common ground I guess? The magic of the internet and twitter.

Your tweets do sometimes paint a vivid picture of your lifestyle. Are you really that much of a libertine?

Yes, I have an addictive personality and rarely do I constrain myself when it comes to love, sex, food, alcohol or anything else. I’m 100%  all in or nothing at all. That’s not to say I don’t have any morales or belief in anything, I consider myself a very idealistic person (ironically I hate idealism) and a very moral person. But I don’t go by what other people or society thinks might be right or wrong, I couldn’t care less about that and them. I do what’s right for me and the people in my life, without hurting anybody. I truly and deeply believe in the words “do on to others, as you would have them do on to you” if the world lived by these words, we would all be okay.

What is the main thing you have learned from dating a porn scholar?

I have a really huge and beautiful penis, and I’m the worlds greatest lover (laughing). No, she’s amazing, I feel so comfortable, relaxed and free with her. But what have I learned? That Brazilian women are intoxicating – they get you drunk and high on lust, life, intellect and love.


What kind of porn do you prefer?

Hard to answer actually, because some porn I just like to watch. With other porn I want to get my masturbator on. If we’re talking about getting off – I really like Tonight’s Girlfriend, The RAW series from Manuel Ferrara, Czech Streets, Cum Louder, Elegant Angel – that’s just at the top of my head.

What misconceptions are there about the industry and can you dispel them for us?

There’s too many misconceptions out there, too many to get started on here. Most of them are true actually, but not true in such a large scale as people think. The same kind of shit that goes down in mainstream, goes down in adult. The only difference is – that in porn you’re dealing with sex and it’s out in open, which it isn’t in mainstream.

I think people should stop trying to fix porn and maybe look towards mainstream modelling, because that is really a fucked up industry! There isn’t any fifty year old porn producer, banging a fourteen year old girl on his yacht in Cannes – while girl is high on coke. There is in modelling, more than one in fact.

If your house was on fire and you only got to save one porn flick, which one would you save?

Wasteland by Graham Travis, produced by Elegant Angel.

Who do you admire? Which one of your peers do you support/look up to/try to emulate?

I can’t name a single person, but I love Richardson Magazine – I try to emulate what they are doing and I look up to them. I support Darling House and Whackmagazine. And maybe Sasha Grey? She gets a lot of shit these days from porn peeps, but I like her.

Tell me anything you want to tell me. Something that I absolutely need to know?

The internet is real, there is no such thing as “it’s just Twitter or Facebook”.

What’s your stance on the music of ABBA?

I don’t like them, but I can pretend I do, if there’s a chance of getting laid.

What’s your favourite local thing to eat?

Pork roast with red cabbage, sugar potatoes, white potatoes and brown sauce. Classic Danish Christmas dinner, like mom makes it!

If you were to give up your job as a writer for anything else in the world, what would that be?

I would be a photographer.

And finally, do you have a message for the readers of Lady Laid Bare?

Flip the world the bird and walk away laughing.


And I think that is excellent advice to end on….

Thanks to Christian Madsen for granting me the interview and for being a massive supporter of this blog. If you’re curious about his work, please don’t hesitate to visit the sites linked to in the interview. Or go bother Mads on Twitter, where he is @Chris_Madsen.

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