I can safely say that I have no privacy.

Like, nearly none. In the rare moments that I do have a bit of privacy (such as is the case right now) I tend to enjoy the silence and get a bit of work done.

For those of you that don’t know my living situation, I currently reside in a share house with about ten or eleven other people. I’m not too sure. But let’s not dwell on numbers here. The point is that I share a room with two other girls. This has proved to be a sizeable nuisance in my relationship with Loverboy, because it’s not really sexy to have one’s girlfriend starting in sheer fear of being caught every time sexytimes are occurring.

It has also been a nuisance when it comes to masturbation.

That’s right, try to have a bit of playtime with yourself while one room mate is in the bunk above you, snoring away and the other is doing whatever it is she tends to do on her laptop at two in the bleeding morning.

It ain’t right, I’m telling you.

Not that I’m so cravenly in need of a luxury wank, but I’d at least like to spend some time getting reacquainted with my clitoris, if that’s not too much to ask. Thank God for mutual masturbation. Seriously, have you given it a go? It’s not only extremely hot to wank in front of your partner, but you also get the added visual stimulation of watching your partner wank in front of you. Wonderful stuff.

Also, thank God for him having a lock on his door.

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  1. I can surely relate to this post. Being a stay-at-home Dad affords me little privacy, if any. My daughter is two years old, very mobile, curious, and insistent that her father never, ever masturbate. Well, I doubt she’s thought it through that far, but she DOES insist that I never leave the room for long enough to do the job. She naps occasionally – she’s napping right now, actually – but not often enough for me to actually have a masturbation routine, per se. I kind of miss the days when she allowed me the occasional break.

  2. Mutual is heavenly, just heavenly… And while stealth play can be a fun way to mix things up, it doesn’t do to have it as the norm! Thank goodness for the lock on his door indeed.

    ~Minx x

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