I Take My Afternoon With A Side of Sex

All frazzled and carrying too many shopping bags for my tiny (okay, not so tiny) frame, I arrived home just moments after he did. He approved of my new glasses (leopard-esque print on the frames) and my new faux-denim doohicky of a shirt and we sat down for lunch. After not much talk, we curled up next to each other and kissed.

And kissed again.

And hugged and kissed until I felt his erection pressing against my knee. It gave me a dilemma. On the one hand, I totally wanted to jump his bones and ride him to smithereens but on the other hand, I wanted some peace and intimacy and just to be held was nice enough.

What’s the middle-ground in this you ask?

Well, apparently it’s to tell your partner to undress so you can give him a blow-handjob.

As you do.

I took him in my mouth, took him in my hand, made him writhe with pleasure and made him make that adorable face he makes when he’s hovering on the brink. The taste of his cock and the feel of it in my hands was enough to turn me on too, although I wouldn’t have any of it. It was his moment to feel pleasure and I was determined to give him what he wanted.

After he eventually made himself come (and come he did), he turned his attention to me.

And something really rather amazing happened. Not that he hasn’t made me come before, but this time he did so by solely frigging my g-spot, which felt really really really really really fucking good. And yes, this warrants five counts of really because it was GOOD. I took over and fucked myself to a second orgasm.

Then I beckoned him nearer, our bodies entangling in that familiar, comforting and comfortable position. His cock slid inside me, and we made love with the afternoon sun shining in our room. It was like falling into a bed made of marshmallows, so amazing.

After… after in the afterglow, I poured us both a cup of fizzy pop and we got to working on what we needed to work on. But as he prepares for work and I put the finishing touches of this post, I will do so with a smile on my face and a glint in my eye because you know what, dear reader? Afternoon sex is absolutely fucking awesome.

Try it. You’ll like it.



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