Burn/Afterburn ~ The Eroticon Diaries- Un

Are you ready for this?
Have you come adequately prepared for this?
Did you consider that this might be something you’d have to plan for?

* Tim Minchin – Ready For This*

I am never ready for this.

Of course, I was raring to go on Friday night, after a week filled with anticipation, pain, fatigue and death. I wanted to go out and get to Molly’s drinks thing as fast as.

We went out for dinner at what has to be the poshest Nando’s there is. Somewhere between rushing in from the cold and feeling the burn of the spicy chicken on my tongue, excitement set in the pit of my belly. Excitement and pure, burning angst. Last year, Eroticon made me feel like a tiny fish in… like the biggest fucking ocean you could think of. Seriously, I was that unprepared for all the things I would learn.

But that didn’t quite matter at the moment.

What mattered was seeing our gang again. Rose was present, tall and smoulderingly dangerous (as always). She had followed my instructions to bring stroopwafels over from the continent and presented us with four bags of the buggers. And yes, I’m still munching away at them. I even gave some to two semi-drunk dudes on the tube who were most amused. Everyone should eat stroopwafels *and wear sunscreen.

But enough about my blatant stroopwafel-related agenda.

Marie Rebelle and her husband (both spoke Dutch, to my excitement) were also present, which was wonderful because I’d never met either of them. Remittance Girl and Harper were there, radiant and ever-knowledgeable. Of course, Molly and Dom were overseeing the proceedings, as they did last year (when about twelve of us ended up at Bella Italia at ten at night). Molly looked every inch the Molly she is, wearing sparkly hotpants, as you do. Ian Jade (the new kid in town) who I became mates with last year, was also there, with longer hair and a kind of weariness that I couldn’t place. He’s on the Twitters now, after being pushed into it with mild persuasion by… well, all of us.

But fuck.
Fuck, was it ever lovely to see the gang again.
I already mentioned Rose, but I had equal delight in meeting Emma Whispers, who is lovely and, yeah, fucking sexy to boot. Lady Pandorah turned up looking worn out from late nights at work, and eventually Blacksilk found her way to our meet-up. We chatted for a hundred years, about things like TS3’s (tall-short-threesomes, courtesy of Tease Matt), life in general and what we were planning that weekend.
It wasn’t a very good sign that most of our gang (including me) looked about ready to heave…
After we finally made it home that night, I had trouble sleeping, both from being ill and overly excited for the two next days.
And then the alarm went off. 6.30, Saturday morning. Game time.
Part two follows tomorrow.

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