If Life Gives You Lokis…

(contains very wanky Avengers references. DANGER WILL ROBINSON!)

For the past few days, I’ve been trying to write about the sex appeal of villains. One villain in particular, namely Tom Hiddleston’s trickster bastard Loki from Thor and Avengers Assemble. Trying to analyse what made people actually root for Loki than be offended by his actions, I came up with one thing over and over again, a point that was most likely also made in this excellent Nostalgia Critic editorial on the subject of the character.

And it’s a point I can identify with.

When it comes down to it, at some point in our life… we’re just a sucker for a bad boy.

The Don Draper. The Mr. Big. The Loki.

It’s most likely that you’ve had your fill with the likes.

My Loki came along in the form of a classmate. He came in new in the fourth year and I didn’t immediately see what the fuss was about. We had some moments where I thought that I’d get along with him well, but at some point I grew incredibly attracted to him. Looking back on it, I really want to grab my 17-year-old self by the scruff of her neck and shake her about.

I mean, he was kinda sweet. Kinda funny, in a reluctant-to-be-involved-with-this-shit sort of way. I think some of my mates thought him to be cooler than he really was, with his penchant for soft drugs and hard music. But 17-year-old was a goner. She’d already had so many crushes that this latest one felt like the real thing. She was going to be the one to tame him and cure him of his wicked ways.

Would you be actually surprised if I said that this is not what happened?


In the end, I got my heart broken so fast and so hard that it took me several months to heal. He asked me to keep my distance via MSN and soon after started dating another, more attractive girl in my class. My actions during my infatuation were something I wasn’t proud of. I was trying to impress him, in some shitty way. I even went as far as asking my parents for a Vespa for my birthday, just so he could see that I was *cool*.

He was a bad boy. He messed me up. He waltzed in to my life and then proceeded to bulldozer over it.

But in the end, I’m better off for having been rejected by him. Because the trip to London that I got for my birthday instead of the Vespa sparked a light in me that got me to the point to which I am writing this now.

And I’m quite happy with that. I’m in a wonderful relationship with a lovely man, I’m sort of doing the things I want with my life… yeah, I turned out alright.

If life gives you a Loki, I’d say that you need to be careful. Assess the situation, see what you want in life and what you’re getting out of your relationship with this person.

And maybe, just maybe, you realize that who you really want in life is a person more like Thor….

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  1. I think the most important part of the story was that you realized the appeal, you learned from the experience, and you are where you need and want to be in life right now; all of which are included in this.
    Mostly doing what you want is such awesome place to be. Settled now, I transferred my love of the bad boy to the hero- someone who is capable of killing, but only for defense; someone who is the embodiment of strength but more importantly of respect and self-control. I went for the bad boys for so many years, sometimes it worked to how I envisioned it and sometimes it didn’t. It didn’t hurt any that I was the girl you pretty stayed away from either, in dating those kinds of guys.

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