The Catharsis and the Catalyst

I spent most of last week in a continued state of fretting. Which is not as lovely as a continued state of frotting, but anyway. My worries were about 95% related to the story I was trying to get finished. It was a story I’d started writing about a month ago, in reply to a call for submissions which I eventually didn’t submit it for because I got carried away with having more words than was allowed.

So when a suitable call did come along, I decided to finish this story. Which all went fine and dandy up until the point where I actually had to write the sex.

And when you’re an erotica writer who falters at the sex bit, that’s probably not a good thing.

The faltering ticked over to Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. It went on for Glob knows how long, because I’m a bint and I couldn’t bring myself to just sit down and WRITE THE GODDAMN THING.

Eventually, I decided it had gone on for too long. I sat down, with research material (*sexy books) at hand and got down to the crunch of it.

I knew I was on to a good scene when I felt arousal stir in the pit of my belly. It took me by surprise, because I generally don’t write to arouse myself. But this scene… I think it was something beyond just normal arousal. It struck a chord in my heart and loins because I actually felt the relief that came for the characters. The utter joy of finally being together.

It might sound sappy, but it was true.

And it was also true that, in a moment of curiosity, I let my hand slip down the waistband of my trousers and touched myself to see just how much it was affecting me.

I was dripping wet.

I lay back on the bed, fully clothed, but with my trousers and pants pulled down and frigged myself. After a pretty shitty week, it was rather effective as catharsis. It was quick, it was immensely satisfying and I was back to pottering out the scene not too long afterwards.

One thing it wasn’t was the end of my sexual catharsis. It was the catalyst for a night of slow lovemaking and gentle touches that made me feel like a million pounds worth of human.

And I finished the story the day after, so double bonus.


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