Microfiction Challenge: Control

So, a couple of weeks ago, the lovely Blacksilk had an idea for a bit of a microfiction challenge. The provisos were that the story should fit on one side of a post-it note and there should be one keyword which your story starts with.

I didn’t start off my story with my keyword (because I’m an ass and I forgot to read the rules again) but I hope you enjoy it anyway. It’s transcribed below the picture, in case my writing is too hard to decipher.

Microfiction: Control (c) Jillian Boyd, 2014

Take me in your hands. Hold me, feel me. Press my every button, make me tremble, make me vibrate with the arousal of this game we play together. Our hands explore, our minds and bodies one and for this brief, ecstatic moment, I am more than just a pawn in your game. More than just your console controller.

58 words, which took me about three minutes to knock out. It’s definitely not a masterpiece, but I enjoyed scribbling down what came to mind. It was inspired by the fact that ILB was playing his Wii in our bedroom.

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  1. Don’t worry, the starting your story with a keyword thing isn’t true! I think ILB read “that first word I used as my muse” and assumed that I meant the first word in my story was my prompt word. My prompt word in my first story doesn’t come until the very last word! In fact, there’s not even any reason it has to appear on the page at all. It’s just a way I use to get inspiration and challenge myself.

    Anyway, that story of yours is *fabulous*. I love it! I didn’t even realise what was going on until the very last line, so well done for hiding it so cleverly. It was so obvious in retrospect! Brava, brava.

  2. I liked it. It didn’t take me long to write mine, despite being given a hard keyword. It was fun to try to fit words on a post it note.
    I could totally tell it was inspired from gaming.

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