Eroticon 2014 – Thank You Notes

“If censorship is the answer, it was a bloody stupid question”

– Zak Jane Keir

I have to admit that, as I boarded the Bristol-bound train on Friday afternoon, I was a bit trepidatious about the weekend ahead. If only because after the rather duff year I’d just put behind me, I didn’t think I’d be up for socializing that much.

Gosh, how bloody wrong was I? Turns out, I needed it.

Eroticon 2014… I don’t even know where I start. I could give you a jokey lead-in, or say something flighty and worthy, but neither way would do even a jot of justice to the awe-inspiring, inspirational, emotional, educational and loving weekend I’ve just come back from.

It’s taken me a while to get my thoughts in order – and to actually come home, as we ended up coming off the train so puffed out, we rented a cheap room in Picadilly for the night – arriving back home Monday afternoon.

I could tell you about every single individual morsel of awesome, but we’d be here for a bloody long time if I got going. So, here are some impressions of the weekend that was, with a healthy dose of mush on the side – excuse me if I get a bit weepy…

Ruby Kiddell, Eroticon’s Bad Ass Boss Lady – thank you for creating this important, safe and secure space in which us adult wordsmiths can meet, befriend and learn from each other. You are incredibly loved, and you deserved every single round of applause you got this weekend.

Innocent Loverboy – For reasons best explained with a lot of snogs and groping. You are a fantastic boyfriend.

Molly Moore – Know that I learned A LOT from your session, and that you mean a lot to me as both a blogger and a friend. I am chomping at the bits to plan stuff with you.

Michael Knight – I will always, always hug you, because your hugs are amazing and so are you.

Lady Pandorah and Blacksilk – You are two absolute diamonds, and this weekend just confirmed that even more for me. I’m glad to have you as friends – and I hope to see more of both of you!

Rose and Rebel – Je weet wel waarom 😉

Mister Gryphon – You are a veritable fount of knowledge, and I had so much fun at your session with Harper. I hope I get to have drinks with you or something very soon.

Harper Eliot – We may have our disagreements, but you mean the absolute world to me. It was a pleasure to learn from you (and Gryph) this weekend, and if you have time, I’d love to catch up over drinks.

Ruby Goodnight – Your faith in me warms my heart. Thank you.

Judith and Mirren – THANK YOU. Your session was spectacularly brilliant, and much needed.

Cara Sutra – The same goes for your session, which was a session that gave me a kick squarely up the arse.

The Brit Babes –  I am in awe of your combined talents and genius, and I bow at your altar (which I’d like to imagine as a giant pair of killer heels). Brit Babes Domination 2015, anyone?

Kristina Lloyd, Zak Jane Keir, Vida Bailey, Janine Ashbless, Jaqueline Brocker, and all the other amazingly talented writers I spoke to this weekend – You are all fucking amazing, and I hope to see you guys a lot more in the next few months.

EA_Unadorned and Mr. The Naked Cyclist – You two are utterly lovely, and I loved having you guys around this weekend.

I’m pretty sure that, if this was the Oscars, they would have cut me off by now…

To everyone whose session I attended this weekend, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. To everyone who I didn’t get the chance to talk to this weekend, I’m sorry, and I will rectify that post-haste. To everyone I did talk to and didn’t mention here, I actually love the lot of you (especially you, Lily Hastings) and I’m glad to have met/seen you guys.

I’m closing this post, telling you that it’s gone through a lot of iterations in my head… but all I really wanted to do was thank you. All of you.

And now to put into practise what I have learned…

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  1. That’s always the thing: putting into practice what’s been learned!

    I’m much more confident I can take the next step than I was three months ago, or even a week ago. The event was quite invigorating! 🙂

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