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My Blisse Bunny

When I’m writing a story, I take several factors into account – the setting, the location, the time of day… all little essential things that can have a big effect on how your story plays out. My absolute favourite thing to take into account are the changing seasons.

Yes, that might sound a bit… weird, I give you, but hear me out. When you’re writing a story, it’s full of elements you can control – you pick the setting, you pick the time period, you pick where the action takes place. And you can also pick whichever weather this happens in.

Whether the snowy and cold mid of winter or the unforgiving heat of a particularly gruelling summer. It’s endless fun coming up with things that can happen under the influence of the seasons. Snowy and cold winter? That conjures up images of log cabins, blankets, exchanging body heat and making love in front of a roaring fire. Sweaty, sunny summer? I can already see a couple, lying on the grass in a big field, her skirt fanning out around her to hide the fact that her lover is inside her, fucking her ever so gently.

And then there’s the Spring.

Glorious Spring, the time of new blooms, new air and new life. I kinda dig Spring. It’s not too cold, it’s not yet too hot, and the air smells like the biggest florist in the world. It’s even better going outside after it’s rained – the scent of the petrichor makes me feel a little more at ease with the world.

It’s a season ripe for writing deliciously erotic stories about. Newly blossoming love, among the newly blossoming plants. Hesitant first touches, hungry first kisses and ecstatic first times. Spring. God, I love Spring. I might just go off and write some springtime erotica right now!

If only I could get this bunny off my blog first… ah well, he seems to have settled in quite well. Might as well let the little bugger stay.

My Blisse BunnyThis blog post is a part of the big Blisse Bunnies Blog Hop! (I just love how that rolls off the tongue, don’t you?)

If you fancy winning some awesome prizes (the grand prize includes a customized story by me!), and reading all the other Spring-loving posts, go on and chase those other bunnies!

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