sometimes I want you so much I can’t breathe/can’t see straight/can’t keep my composure/must have you right here right now/must devour you/must have you deep inside me/like you complete me/like a missing piece of my soul

the sex is the union/the reunion/the sex is the you and the me and the together/and together we melt into one/and the bedsprings creak as we move our hips in time/move our bodies and the slap/slap/slap of the flesh/ and the oh my gods/ oh yes yes/ oh give me mores/ fill the air

and my stomach clenches/ my body burns/ I feel sick and then alive and brighter than any day of sun/ and the blood courses through me as muscles tighten and the pleasure tickles/ then itches/ then burns me up until there’s no turning back

and it is ugly/it is messy/ it tears apart/ only to put back together/ reconstruct/ and make it into something achingly beautiful

there is only you and this bed/ my centre of the world/ and all I can do/ as my body shivers and spasms/ to that one dangerous/ delicious release/ is to become one with you/ in this bed/ in this moment

we are one.

and this is how I feel during sex.


In response to ILB’s “Feel”…


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