The Sexy List of Sexy Questions – Part Two

photo credit: Sinsong via photopin cc
photo credit: Sinsong via photopin cc
photo credit: Sinsong via photopin cc

Thus the sexy list of sexy questions continues. Wonder what comes up this time… Read part one hereabouts.

Do you consider yourself “kinky”?
I consider myself “vanilla with kinky sprinkles”. I like to balance the two.

What is your number one kink?
Spanking, followed by rope, followed by voyeurism.

Do you identify as a top, bottom, dominant, submissive, switch or something else?
I don’t really identify as anything, but I think if I did, it would be as a submissive.

Pick a favourite fictional character, what sort of kink do you think they would have?
Clint Barton/Hawkeye – he’d totally be into bondage. Definite dommy vibes from him.

Tell us about a fantasy of yours.
I couldn’t possibly do so – you’re not ready for that kind of jelly.

Do you shave/trim/style your pubic hair?
Nope to all three, because it’s way too much of a fuss and it itches like hell when it grows back. I might give it a bit of a trim in the future, but as for full shaving or styling, nope.

Tell us a true story about your sex life
Well, this blog is kinda full of them…

Have you ever been to a strip club?
No, but I’d like to.

What is the least sexy thing you can think of?
Well, inspired by what I’m currently listening too, it would have to be the sound of foxes shagging in the bushes at three in the morning.

What is the sexiest song you have ever heard?

How do you feel about penetrative sex?
Ten out of ten, would partake again. And again. And so on and so on.

Would you rather give or receive oral sex?

Would you rather have kissing or sex?
Kissing, followed by sex, follwed by more kissing, followed by more sex.

Do you consider yourself a good kisser?
I like to think I am, right now.

Do you consider yourself good at sex?

Is there anyone you would like to be having sex with right now?
ILB, but he’s currently otherwise engaged. Maybe later.

What do you think is the sexiest part of the body?
The eyes, because all the truth about a person can be deduced from a look in the eyes.

What is your sexual super power?
I’m very bendy. And I give amazing erotic massages.

If you could have incredibly kinky sex with any person living, dead, or fictional, who would it be and what would you do?

I assure you, that is entirely between me, Tom Hiddleston and Peter Capaldi. And Cumberbatch.

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