Sailors, Trumpet Boys and Chocolate Cabarets

Cover for Flappers, Jazz and Valentino - edited by Jillian Boyd and published by House of Erotica

Day two of the Flappers, Jazz and Valentino release fun! Two more authors are sharing the inspiration behind their stories – meet Brent Archer and V.C.

Trumpet boys and chocolate cabarets with V.C.

Why did you want to write for Flappers, Jazz and Valentino?

It’s not often that a 1920’s themed anthology call comes along, and because I’ve LOVED the Jazz Age for as long as I can remember, I would’ve been crazy to not have jumped on such a wonderful opportunity!

Tell us what your story is about and what inspired it.

I have two stories in this anthology: “Life’s A Chocolate Cabaret” and “Tooting the Trumpet Boy’s Horn.” “Tooting the Trumpet Boy’s Horn” is about a bisexual married couple who, after realizing that fooling around with gangsters and flappers wasn’t enough, they want to make whoopee with a musician. They have their own band called The Damned Hot-Cha, and they wanted to find a new trumpet player anyway, so they use their mischievous wiles to get what they want as soon as possible. “Life’s A Chocolate Cabaret” is similar in that it’s about a drag performer who knows exactly what he wants, and one of the ways he gets it is with his natural charm, talents, and lots of chocolate. Both stories were basically inspired by my passion for vaudeville, drag, jazz, and the 1920s in general. I’d like to think that these stories do service to those things that I adore.

Do you have a favourite jazz tune?

Oh, way too many. I’d say the jazz tune that tops it for me, though, is Cab Calloway’s “Minnie the Moocher.”

If you could go back in time to the era, what would you do while there?

I’d mingle with the flappers and dance with them in a speakeasy while dressed as a gangster! Maybe sneak a few kisses with them. And drink and listen to as much live jazz (maybe Louis Armstrong, perhaps?) as possible until the time machine takes me back to 2014.

Do you have a favourite film set in the 20s?

Pandora’s Box, hands down! I mean, c’mon, Louise Brooks was one hot dame!

Old Tango postcard -1919Cheerful Charleston or passionate Argentine Tango?

Argentine Tango

Clara Bow or Louise Brooks?

Louise Brooks, of course!

The Great Gatsby – like or dislike?

I fell in love with it at first read, and have read it a countless number of times. The book is great, the movies, not so much. The Great Gatsby is one of those masterpieces that’s a class of its own.

What’s your favourite 20s slang word?

Cat’s Meow

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Excerpt from Life’s A Chocolate Cabaret

Chicago, Illinois. 1924.
The nightclub was more smoking hot than usual. The men were even hotter. Friends, acquaintances, strangers. Beautiful. Different and unique in their own way, but one and the same. The gangsters. I knew some of them in the crowd. Who was I kidding? I knew the majority of them. I didn’t dare say their names, not even in my head. I didn’t have time for an affair with a bullet. Their danger was always a turn-on, but I had a cabaret show to perform. My face was far too fabulous to lose. It was my money maker.
From the looks of it, it was going to bring plenty of bank for me that evening; it was a packed house. Those gangsters – they were suckers for me. Literally. My lips, my ass. My cock. They could suck on me all night long, if and when I allowed it. No matter if he was a gangster I knew or a gangster I didn’t know at all, their eyes were a mimicry. The lust in them, it was a lot of the same. I was more than able to handle their perverted desires mirrored in their lustful glances. They wanted me. And I wanted them. Their cock. Or cocks. In my mouth, and in my ass, if they were lucky.
Again for…who the hell was counting the fuckery? I didn’t only do it with the gangsters. There were the average Joes, the bankers, the brokers, the writers, and the down-and-out amateur film stars still in the search for their big break. They were all there too. They wanted me more. Young or old, I didn’t care. Who was counting how many of them I had? This speakeasy and nightclub was no ordinary one. It was the only one of its kind. It wasn’t for the flappers. It wasn’t for the average Josephines either. No women were allowed. Period. This night life was only for a very special kind of man. It was for men who liked more than liquor, jazz, and gourmet chocolate. They liked boys. A lot.
Cock was their candy. Ass was their aphrodisiac. A shimmy of the tassels on my chest, the wiggle of my bubble bottom, and a crotch grab from a pretty boi like me made them drunker than the excessive amount of liquor they’d consume. The smoke from their fat phallic cigars wasn’t the only veil that surrounded them. It was their hunger for me, and for the other cast members of the show, that always took the cake.We didn’t call our show Life’s A Chocolate Cabaret for nothing.Every man wanted to take a bite. They wanted us to melt in their mouth. They wanted to taste our flavour, as sweet as the decadence of honey and chocolate combined. But first, before they’d have their fill of all the candy they could eat, the show must go on.

Brent Archer and The Ship Beautiful

1. Why did you want to write for Flappers, Jazz and Valentino?
This time period was a lot of fun to research, and the story just popped into my head when I read the submission call.

2. Tell us what your story is about and what inspired it.
Since I was a boy, I loved the classic ocean liners. I was fascinated with stories of the Titanic, Mauretania, Queen Elizabeth, and the Lusitania. I fantasized about being a young man on my first ocean cruise in the 1920’s or the 1930’s.

Aboard the Aquitania is the literary realization of that dream. Set in the early 20’s, it is the story of three friends on holiday aboard the RMS Aquitania (aka the Ship Beautiful). Johnny Talbot and Mikey Castle realize their attraction to each other, and while their buddy Emery Pennington (Penny) is out chasing a young debutant, they return to their cabin and consummate their feelings. Penny, striking out with the young lady, finds his two mates in a compromising position.

3. Do you have a favourite jazz tune?
The Man I Love by George Gershwin sung by Marion Harris in 1928

4. If you could go back in time to the era, what would you do while there?
Rent a flat in Berlin and spend a couple months there exploring the old city’s architecture and young men.

5. Do you have a favourite film set in the 20s?
Buster Keaton The GeneralBuster Keaton in The General. Old locomotives are my other passion, and this movie is hysterical!



6. Cheerful Charleston or passionate Argentine Tango?
Argentine Tango. No contest.

7. Clara Bow or Louise Brooks?
Louise Brooks. I’m a sucker for a good dancer.

8. The Great Gatsby – like or dislike?
Loved the book!

9. What’s your favourite 20s slang word?


Excerpt from Aboard The Aquitania

Mikey giggled as he stumbled into the room. He hurried to the bed and stripped off his clothes in a flash, leaving his tuxedo in pile on the nearest chair. Johnny did the same, ogling his handsome friend.
Mikey shook his head. “That dark hair on your chest gets me hard, not to mention that monster between your legs.”
“Tonight, it’s yours, mate.” Johnny pushed Mikey onto the bed. “How do you want it?”
Mikey rubbed his hand up the inside of Johnny’s leg, sending shivers of pleasure radiating through his body. His cock hardened and throbbed. Climbing on top of Mikey, he straddled his sexy friend’s chest. “Suck me.”
Mikey opened his mouth. Johnny pushed forward and the blond’s lips closed over his covered knob. Johnny moaned as Mikey’s tongue probed under his foreskin and swirled around his head. He sucked in more of the shaft, and gagged as he took it all the way to the hilt. Johnny backed off.
“No problem. I want you inside me.”
Johnny jumped off the bed and went to his trunk. In the bottom, he found his small bottle of Vaseline. Unscrewing the lid of the glass jar, he scooped a dollop onto his finger as he returned to the bed. Mikey lifted his legs to give Johnny easy access, and Johnny slid his finger around the tight pucker.
“Put it inside me.”
Johnny pressed his finger at the opening to Mikey’s arse, and slipped inside.
“Ooo, stop, old boy, I need a moment to adjust.”
Johnny carefully withdrew his finger, and took more of the Vaseline and coated his throbbing cock. “Ready?”
Mikey nodded. “Hope so.”
Johnny lined up and pushed his head inside. Mikey grabbed the sheets and moaned.
“Good lord, you’re tight.” He had to stop several times to stave off his imminent explosion. The soft velvety arse of his friend threatened to pull the load from his shaft. Finally, he pressed his hips against Mikey’s legs and held still.
“Doing okay, Mikey?”
“Yes. Go slow.”
Johnny pulled back until only the head of his cock remained inside, and then pressed this shaft forward. He worked up a slow rhythm, leaning forward to kiss the moaning and yelping young man beneath him.
His pace quickened as Mikey grabbed onto his arse and directed his rhythm.
“Harder, Johnny. I can take it now.”
Johnny lost control as he pounded his friend deeper. He reached down to wank Mikey’s rock-hard cock, massaging his knob through the foreskin.
Mikey’s body stiffened, and his arse muscles clamped hard on to Johnny’s cock. He unloaded his balls in long spurts across his chest as he cried out his orgasm. The tightness gripping his shaft pushed Johnny over the edge, and he roared as he shot inside his friend.
Johnny fell forward, kissing the moaning stud beneath him. His softening dick slipped from Mikey’s arse, and he rolled to the side, arm over his eyes. Mike turned onto his side and kissed Johnny’s arm.
“Will you level with me?”
Johnny lifted his arm and looked into Mikey’s eyes. “Of course.”
“Are you carrying a torch for me?”

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