Another Sex and Love Q&A

Sometimes, in between the Avengers gifsets and Harry Potter headcanon posts that cloud my Tumblr dashboard, I strike it lucky and find one of those Ask Me Anything lists, relating to sex and relationships. I tend to save them in Notepad, ready and waiting to be whipped out on a day where blogging inspiration is hell to the low and I need a bit of a prompt to give myself a kick up the arse.

I bet you can’t guess where this is going.


Yes, it’s time for another Sex And Love Q&A with Lady Laid Bare! Such excite! Much question! Many sex! Some questions deleted/edited at my discretion!

What’s your favorite position and why?

Me on top, because I have full view of my partner and his face in the throes of ecstasy. Which is hot as eff.

What’s one thing in particular that makes you want to tear off your lover’s clothes?

When he puts on a Scottish accent.

What’s the best sex advice you can give?

Keep hydrated. Seriously. Otherwise, you’ll end up having a massive headache and that’s a mood killer, for sure.

What’s your sexual orientation?


Are you okay with rough sex?

Depends on what happens during the sex. If there’s something going on that crosses my personal limits, then I wouldn’t be okay with it and I would make it known.

Do you prefer sex or masturbation?

I like both, and I love a bit of post-sex mutual masturbation.

What’s your fantasy?

Currently, it’s a toss-up between having a lie-in and going on an actual holiday.

Do you like to spank/be spanked?

I love being spanked. It’s one of my biggest turn-ons, and I can pride myself on having a decent pain threshold. I’m absolutely crap at spanking other people though, as I can’t really put enough power behind my strikes to deliver a decent blow. Especially when I’ve got an implement in my hand.

Do you like teasing or would you rather get straight to the point?

I like teasing when the situation calls for it. When you’ve got two people who are absolutely gagging to have each other, I usually find that I can’t be arsed with teasing (both giving and receiving) and I would quite like to just get down to foreplay.

Are you sexually active?

In that I do have regular sex, yes.

Why aren’t you fucking anyone right now?

Because I’m writing this blog post and my other half is at work. And it’s the middle of the day and my day off work and I’m currently very busy watching Come Dine With Me.

Does penis size really matter?

It really, really does not. Not a lot of people come from vaginal stimulation alone, so deft fingers and a tongue which knows what it’s doing are things that can help you along a lot more than the size of a cock.

Are you comfortable naked?

Sometimes, yes. It’s still something I’m learning. My body has changed so much over the past few years, so I’m still getting to know it the way it is now.

Have you ever 69’d? Did you enjoy it?

The lying down 69’s quite wonderful. Neither of us are up for the challenge of the full on, straddling one.

Have you had any unwanted pain during sex?

Oh god, the leg cramps. So, so many leg cramps.

Five turn ons.

Scottish accents, beautiful eyes, great sense of humour, beautiful cinnamon bun, too good, too pure for this world.

Describe the best sex you’ve ever had.

In our hotel in Bristol during Eroticon 2014, after the Saturday night party. Completely carefree, bed was amazingly soft, later on we stood in front of the window looking out over the city, both absolutely naked. It was brilliant.

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