A Lady Laid Bare Writing Update Bonanza

I’ve been a rather quiet blogger as of late, with factors like health (both physical and mental) and time being bit players in long periods of silence. But that really, really doesn’t mean I’ve been sitting still. I realize that I don’t often talk about the other stuff I do (including that kinda very important bit about where I’m also writing, editing and publishing erotic fiction) so if you’re keen to know about the sort of stuff that I’ve been doing as of late, read the eff on, my friend.

I’ve been reviewing porn for Life on the Swingset!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you’ll remember my regular CrashPadSeries reviews from last year. I’m still reviewing CrashPadSeries, only now I’m doing it for the fabulous people at Life on the Swingset. Check there regularly for my musings on all things CrashPad, and soon for my (hopefully) comprehensive review of FrolicMe.

I’m a general features writer for The High Tea Cast!

Yep, I am now a card-carrying member of Team Tea, scribbling about all things that come to mind and generally having a lot of fun with the other amazing people who are writing for The High Tea Cast.

I’ve been reading my dirty, sexy words at… well, Dirty Sexy Words!

Sallyanne Rogers‘ awesome bi-monthly erotica slam has kind of become a second home for my erotica writing. I’ve been on the bill a couple of times now, and I’ve always greatly enjoyed getting up on stage to do my thing. Unfortunately, due to having A Thing on, I can’t be regaling you with my smutty writings at the upcoming Solstice Slam, but you should totally go anyway because it’s good fun.

I’ve had my dirty, sexy words published!

My F/F story, Kicking The Habit (about that ex you just can’t let go of), was published in Appetites: Tales of Lesbian Lust (ed. Ily Goyanes, published by The Liz McMullen Show Publications). From an Amazon review…

In another shift of mood, Jillian Boyd’s “Kicking the Habit” is a clever riff on the cheating ex who’s still all too irresistible, with an appealing setting of indie entrepreneurship.

Also published, one of my favourite stories I’ve ever written: Dare You To appears in Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica (ed. Rachel Kramer Bussel, published by Cleis Press). From the #HumpDayReview on Buttontapper

One of my favorites from this collection is actually the introductory story, “Dare You To,” by Jillian Boyd. In it, a couple engaged to be married takes up a game of sexual dares, increasing their lust for one another before the trip down the altar. I loved the chemistry between Kat and David, as well as the cheekiness of their dares — all of which are carried out in public, to add the thrill of potentially getting caught into the mix. Whether or not you’ve personally engaged in a naughty version of Truth or Dare, this story is sure to capture your imagination, as well as your libido.

Fun fact: both stories mention a sportswear brand called Cambridge Athletics – in Dare You To, Kat is working on securing their advertising campaign in the UK and in Kicking the Habit, Tamsin and her best friend Frankie are pitching for the opportunity to launch the brand in the US.

I’ve gotten a couple more stories accepted!

… And I can’t tell you about them yet because of contracts and stuffs. But, you know, keep watching.

Future plans and shiz…

Apart from trying to keep the blog going and writing more (of course), I’m also planning to edit at least three more anthologies in the next couple of months. In addition to that, I’m beavering away at Little Birds Writing, which (ermagherd!) will hopefully become my own little erotica writing press/editing business. If anyone has any advice for me about that, feel free to come and hold my hand and tell me that I’m not going to balls this up.

As you may have guessed, I’m also planning on doing more short stories, and maybe (note: MAYBE) a longer project later in the year. But I’m also finding that I need to take more self-care time as of late, so caring for my mental and physical health will definitely be a number one priority.

For the rest… well, you know where to look. On here. This blog. This blog what you are reading right now abouts.

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