So, that was 2015. Plenty of other things happened in my life, of course. We moved out of ILB’s folks’ house. I got a job which makes my heart sing (and my knees ache like a fucking bastard). My mum made a recovery and is doing as well as she can be doing. I am currently combatting one of the worst depressive episodes in my life to date. I met new people. I learned from the man I love that taking ownership of my blog and its content is the right direction for 2016.

And we attended three weddings in a short space of time, which was a bit perplexing – not to mention the arrival of four babies in our immediate circle not long after.

Anyway. I’m not the sort to give out awards for things usually, but…


Top 5 blogs which kept me going of the year

1. Oh Joy! Sex Toy!

2. Sex Blog (of Sorts)

3. Girl on the Net

4. The Guyliner

5. Trout Nation


Top 5 just goddamn awesome people

1. Shine Louise Houston (for Snapshot and being a general awe-inspirer)

2. Stoya (because the sheer guts it took her to do what she did bowls me over)

3. Emily Nagoski (for Come as You Are and being the inspiration for #LubeYouLots)

4. Hayley Campbell (for some of the most fascinating long-form writing of the year)

5. YOU (for reading this blog and all that)


Sexiest bits of fiction I have read this year

1. Mid-Life Career Changes by Jessica Taylor (from Spy Games: Thrilling Spy Erotica)

2. My Life as a Vibrator by Livia Ellis (from Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica)

3. Simon, Caroline, paella and a ridiculously intense encounter in the kitchen which made me go cross-eyed when I read it on the bus (from Wallbanger by Alice Clayton)

4. ANYTHING involving Juliette and Kingsley (from The Virgin by Tiffany Reisz)

5. The wedding night (from Outlander: Cross-Stitch by Diana Gabaldon… incidentally, also read on a bus, although this one was a coach and it was barely occupied)


See y’all in 2016, folkses.

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