Show Me Something Good – Eroticon Live Meet+Greet

So, two weeks until Eroticon Live and yeah…


I cannot stress just how much I am not ready – as ILB mentioned in his post, flat problems, work and general health bumph have all combined to wreak mild havoc on our lives these past few weeks. I’ve only now gotten to actually writing my full presentation, and as much as I am glad that we have both tickets and a hotel to stay in, we will eventually need to book a way of actually getting to Bristol.

But first things first. Please allow me to re-introduce myself…



NAME (and Twitter name if you have one)

I am Jillian Boyd – @JillyBoyd on Twitter.

If you had the opportunity to rename yourself (or your blog) what would you pick?

I already went through the renaming of both blog and self and I’m quite attached to the way things are right now.

What are you most looking forward to at Eroticon Live and/or is there anything you are nervous about?

Well, I’m rather looking forward to giving my workshop on Sunday afternoon. There are… certain things I am nervous about, yes, but I’m sure I’ll manage. Other than that, I’m excited to meet some new people and just generally to be in Bristol again.

Have you planned which sessions you will be attending or are you more of a spur of the moment kind of person?

Apart from the one I kind of have to be at for it’s-my-own-session purposes, I’m probably going spur of the moment. I am however definitely FROW’ing it at Charlie Powell’s session about sex and disability.

What essential items to your life will be bringing with you to Eroticon Live? (you can have a maximum of 5)

– Phone

– Notebook (and pen)

– My bag

– Some paracetamol because the weather is fucking with my sinusses at the moment

– Gum

A new cocktail has been made on your honour, what would be the key ingredient and what would it be called?

I don’t drink alcohol, so it would have to be a virgin something or other. Cold-brew coffee as the key ingredient, and name it the I Am So Awake I Can See Through Time, PLEASE HALP MEH I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO JITTERY. Long name, but you get the sentiment.

And finally… Complete the sentence; I have yet to…

finish writing my presentation.


Read all the other Meet and Greets at Molly’s blog – and don’t forget to write up one yourself if you’re coming.

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  1. Good lord, what is FROWing? Should I be excited, or afraid?! Either way, I’m very flattered you want to come to my sesh, and also very much looking forward to catching up x

    1. Front Row’ing (it’s what them there fashion magazines use as a shorthand during Fashion Weeks) – so unless you’re afraid of me sitting in the front row at your talk, no, be excited! Looking forward to catching up – lemme know where you’re staying and we can go for a drink at some point?

    1. Same here, my love! Yeah, it is a bummer but that’s what life does – we just need to grab to the tennis racket and smash them. Or something. I don’t know tennis.

  2. So looking forward to seeing both you and ILB. I hope real life settles down for you both as well. Oh and your cocktail made me laugh.


    1. Very much looking forward to seeing you and DomSigns too! It will, I think. Give it a bit and it will settle down.

      Ha! Thank you! I probably could have made that name even longer, actually…

    1. Eh, no chance of that happening soon – ILB’s down with a terrible cold and general malaise and I’ve strained about fourteen different muscles in the past couple of days. I’ll be a tender one, is what I’m saying. But very much looking forward to seeing you!

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