The Laid Bare Erotica Reading Challenge 2k17

First things first: happy New Year, dudes! Welcome to 2017! And welcome to this…


Yep, I’m kicking off this year in style. The Laid Bare Erotica Reading Challenge 2k17 is a reading challenge anyone who reads this blog is welcome to take part in. Chart your progress on your own blog, tweet about it (#LaidBareReading), Facebook about it…

My aim is to get more people reading not just erotica, but erotic romance and sex-related non-fiction. It’s not a numbers thing – it doesn’t matter how many you end up reading, all that matters is the reading itself and what you take away from it.

So, here without further ado, the Laid Bare Erotica Reading Challenge 2k17 master-list…


– An anthology of erotic short stories by various authors

– A collection of shorts by one author

– A Chuck Tingle Tingler

– A book by an author new to you

– A bonkbuster

– A book by Ana├»s Nin

– An erotic story inspired by a fairy tale

– An erotic poetry collection

– A book written before 1950

– A book written by a POC

– A book written by an LGBTQ+ person

– A book of LGBTQ+ erotica

– A book by an author you talk to on Twitter

– A parody

– A sex memoir

– A book of non-fiction about sex/relationships

– A book available on Project Gutenberg’s erotica tag

– A book which isn’t erotic fiction but does include a notorious sex scene

– A book in your favourite subgenre

– A book in a subgenre you haven’t tried yet

– A book you love and want to re-read

– Any of the books/stories mentioned in Desire: 100 of Literature’s Sexiest Stories

– A second chance read

– A Mills & Boon romance

– A book which came out in 2016

– Belinda Blinked 1

– A story translated from another language

– An older volume of Best Women’s Erotica

– A Black Lace Quickies collection

– A book with a title beginning with V

– A book with a cover that appeals to you (no matter the title or subgenre)

– An audio book

– A book which pushes your boundaries

– Wildcard book

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