Call for Submissions: Dancing with Myself – Stories of Self-Love Erotica

Surprise! I’m editing a new anthology for Sexy Little Pages!


Editor: Jillian Boyd
Submission Deadline: Midnight (UTC+1), 31 August 2017
Heat Level: from romantic to filthy
Word Count: 4000-6000
Payment: 50% royalties split equally among participating authors

For this anthology, I am on the look-out for your sexiest and most creative masturbation erotica. Flying solo or playing with a partner (or partners)? Fingers, hands, toys, whatever else is suitable? A quick fumble under the sheets? A private show for a willing watcher? It’s all welcome. Use your imagination, and inspire some friction with your fiction.

A HEA is welcome but not a hard requirement. I’m looking for a range of heat levels, with a word count between 4000 and 6000 words. Bring me diverse characters, sexualities, genders and abilities across the spectrum – I’m especially welcoming submissions from/about POC, LGBTQI and non-binary peeps.

Genre of the book will be contemporary, so for this one no historical, futuristic or paranormal stories.

Usual Sexy Little Pages restrictions apply – no paedophilia, no necrophilia, no incest or pseudo-incest, gratuitous violence, bestiality or fan fiction. More details on this are available on the submissions page or in the FAQs.

Email your story to , putting ‘SUBMISSION:” followed by your story title in the subject line. The body of the email should include the story’s title, a brief synopsis or blurb, word count, and your pen name.

Story should be an attachment in doc, docx, or rtf format. Please use standard manuscript format or something closely resembling it, but no headers or footers.

Times New Roman, 12pt, double spaced, first line of paragraph indented.

We want the focus to be original content, though we may include one or two previously published stories that are no longer available elsewhere. If that’s the case, please note it in your cover email.

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I’m Editing An Anthology! – Call For Submissions: Flappers, Jazz and Valentino

*steps up to the mike, clears throat*

So, ehm… I’m editing an anthology for House of Erotica….

Yes, you’ve read that right – I’m editing my first (of hopefully many more) anthology! I’m flapping with excitement, I am. So, if you’ll allow me to get into writer mode for a second…

The anthology, which, as I said, will be published by House of Erotica, is called Flappers, Jazz and Valentino – which gives you some idea of what I’m looking for. Invoke for me the spirit of the Roaring Twenties, of the first talkies, dancing girls, the speakeasy, glamour, Josephine Baker, Charleston dancing, anything you can think of.

And make it steamy. Make it so steamy, my glasses will fog up upon reading your story. Trust me, that’s a sign that you’re doing it right.

I’m ridiculously excited to be editing this anthology – and I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Here’s the call for submissions in full – with the pretty cover for you to enjoy. And if you want to contribute, I’m looking forward to reading your story!

Flappers, Jazz and Valentino

AW MA GAWD, it's so pretty!
AW MA GAWD, it’s so pretty!

Editor: Jillian Boyd

Publisher: House of Erotica

Deadline: March 30th, 2014 (earlier submissions preferred)

Word count: 3k – 7k

Theme: Historical erotica

Pairings: Any

Heat Level: Anything from romantic and erotic to burning hot

Payment: Royalties will be split 40% of the net profits with contributing authors, exact values will be given once we know how many stories will be in the final anthology.

Rights: Six Years

Submission limit: up to two stories per author.

Author Jillian Boyd is on the hunt for hot historical erotica – stories set in those heady days of the Roaring Twenties. Whether it’s the glamour of the flapper, the spirit of Gatsby or the whisky-soaked excesses of the speakeasies, I want you to make the Twenties sizzle and spark with red-hot lust.

The stories needn’t all be about flappers and gangsters (although I’d love to have some in the collection) – let your imagination fly! But don’t forget the storyline – and the sizzling sex, of course. I want characters that fly off the page and spark off each other. I want fun, frolics and occasional frivolity.

As far as the ending goes, a Happy-Ever-After is good, but I have no problems with a Happy-For-Now.

The No-No’s: No scat, bestiality, under age sex, golden showers, rape or forced sex or incest of any kind and necrophilia.

Formatting: Please format your story in Times New Roman, 12pt font, double spaced with each new paragraph indented by ½ inch. Use quotation marks in dialogue. Since this is a UK publisher, I would love it if you use UK spelling and grammar in your story/stories.

Submit your story by emailing it as an attachment with the following filename.


In the body of the email, please include your legal name, pen name, word count, the type of pairing in the story (eg. M/F, F/F, etc…) and a short author bio.

Send your submission(s) to jboydwrites(at)gmail(dot)com – you can also reach me there if you have any questions or need clarification.

Authors must own their rights to the stories and not have had them published anywhere else. Please note the publisher has final approval over the stories included in the manuscript.

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Jon Pressick’s Best Sex Writing 2015 Call For Submissions Blog Tour

Jon Pressick is the man behind the excellent Sex In Words blog, which is a brilliant resource for sex bloggers and writers (and educators, and… just about everyone, really).

He’s also taken on the task of editing Best Sex Writing 2015, Cleis Press’ annual compilation of articles on all matters sex. He’s currently touring the blogs, giving interviews and writing guest posts on why YOU (yes, you) should submit to this brilliant anthology.

And since he was lovely enough to host me on his The Hook-up feature earlier in the year (… after a bit of begging on my behalf, I’ll grant you that), I thought it only fair that he could take to the floor on my blog in return.

So, let Jon convince you to submit to this wonderful anthology.

–  The Importance of Best Sex Writing  –

People talk. And talk. And talk talk talk. We argue, we opine, we yell, we debate, we whisper, we cry, we murmur, we coo.

Sometimes we even listen.

Of course we do. Talk and listen.

But what do we talk about and listen to?

Many things! Amazing things! Beautiful and dramatic things! Informative and hilarious things! Dire and difficult things!

But we don’t talk about everything.

Of all of the many fascinating and fantastical things in this world, one subject remains a huge elephant in the bedroom/bathroom stall/park/backseat/boat that you float.

We still don’t talk about sex. Well, most of us don’t–but some of us do! We talk and we write and read about sex in all of its variations, combinations and permutations.

But we don’t want that work and interest to be nothing more than intellectual masturbation. We believe this work is not just valuable but entirely essential to creating the necessary dialogues about sex and sexuality that need to be happening.

And this is why the Best Sex Writing series so important. Cleis Press offers the opportunity for sex writers to reach a significant new audience. While it is true that in our digital world content relating to sex and sexuality is offered and more available, it is also true that it can be hard to find among the cat photos, political scandals and other things you HAVE TO ABSOLUTELY READ RIGHT NOW!

Best Sex writing is both a fantastic resource for those who are already in the conversation. But it is even more critical that the works reach those who aren’t yet engaged. Moving sex dialogue out of our small circle so that it embraces others–everyone–will make it possible for our talk to include sex and sexuality.

If you are a writer of the sex and the sex stuff, I, humbly, request your words, your knowledge and your thoughts. You are the ones who initiate the conversation. I don’t want to think of you as pick-up artists, but you kind of are. You engage the readers. You pique their interest. You get them all worked up and ready for more.

Submit to start that discussion.

Thanks, Jon! And, yeah, you heard the man. Submit and help start discussions!

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