Writing Update #1

One thing I don’t often do, and which I am very, very remiss in, is promote my other writing. The stuff I do away from this blog, be it the anthologies I’m in or the writing I do for other websites.

So, I’m changing that. I’m aiming to do a regular writing update post, telling you where else I’ve been popping up. Which, in itself, was something I’d originally planned to start doing at the start of the year. That was when I had a Twitter conversation about self-promotion with the amazing Dr. Emma Southon (seriously, keep an eye out for her book on Agrippina). But then, depression decided to say hello and stay over for a few months.

Ah well. Better start late than start never, I guess.

So, here’s what I’ve been up to!


This month (thanks to Girl on the Net, who passed me a writing request), I started writing for YNOT CAM. This is a website aimed at webcam models, with articles on topics ranging from tech to health and beauty, to internet law. My first article was a lot of fun to dig into – it concerned the recent development of a one-of-a-kind 3D printer by a team at the University of Minnesota, and how it could, in the future, influence sex tech and its uses in the camming world.

Kink Craft

I’ve been writing for Pixie and Andrew on a regular basis for a while now, and they are just the loveliest humans to work with. This article I wrote, on sex and depression and the power of knowing you’re not alone, is from a while back, but I’m putting it in here anyway because I can.


I do so love writing for the good folks at Fuck.comhere I am, chatting about erotica and my top recommendations.


Speaking of erotica, SACRED AND PROFANE, edited by Torrance Sené and featuring my story Down On My Knees, is still out and still kicking ass. It was even made into a Top Pick on The Romance Reviews! If you haven’t yet bought your copy, DO EET.


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Slicker Than Your Average

I like writing stories set in the summertime. To me, there’s something about the change of seasons from the blushing days of spring to the all out glory that a summer can be that somehow mirrors the blossoming of a sexual connection between two people. I like the idea of heat from the outside assisting in generating heat from the inside.

In real life, summer’s effect certainly made a good go of it. When the sun first started to hit in earnest a few weeks back, I noticed the change in myself.

My mood slowly lifted. My general depressive funk from the last few months took a back seat, if only for a while (note- yes, on the back seat, but it’s still there, and still an awful bastard). And my libido, oh man. My libido was like a little angel/devil hybrid sitting on my shoulder, whispering utter filth in my ear.

I’d like to imagine, by the way, that this little angel/devil hybrid is actually Alice Clayton, considering I’ve been heavily into a Clayton reading binge.

Summer. Yeah. I got into it. ILB got into it. We got handsy and frisky and all kinds of naked, wrapped up in cuddles where the comforting warmth of him glowed right through me. There were orgasms, there were giggles, and all was well. I am a pale, freckly sort with a dependence on factor 50 who works in a place which is never any less than sauna-level hot. I’ve gone on record plenty of times grouching about how I don’t enjoy this kind of heat.

But… I think that’s actually a bit of a lie on my behalf. Only a bit. Or maybe not a lie. Just an underestimation of how a good lashing of summer could make me feel a bit better. The kind of loveliness with the occasional breeze. The kind where you can walk and bask and just for a moment marvel at the little bits of beauty in the ugly stuff.

It’s one of the other reasons I like setting stories in summer. It’s a gorgeous season, blooms and colours everywhere. Tiny moments of happiness can become wonderfully large in these halcyon days. With sex, momentary touches and kisses can spark such an insatiable fire. Sweat beading on foreheads, the glistening of skin…

Having said that, there has been something distinctly unsexy about the past couple of peak summer days. It’s like that The Oatmeal cartoon about microwaving butter – too much? Then nope, you don’t get to do sexy times because you won’t even have the energy to lift a finger, let alone fingering. Sexy moans and groans are replaced by moans and groans as a means of conversation, often punctuated by pointing and nudging your head. You feel like a human Pritt stick.

Still. When it comes to writing erotica set on days like these, I’m allowed to play around with the truth just a teeny bit, right?

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Project Emmanuelle

Krista Allen Emmanuelle: A World of Desire

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me tweeting about watching some of the Emmanuelle movies for the purpose of writing research. Which, in all seriousness, is what I’ve been doing it for – I am currently in the early stages of planning a long form story based heavily on Emmanuelle, and considering there’s about 800 different movies with a trillion different actresses playing her (seriously, sexual Time Lord), I wanted to at least get a general taste of the character by watching and comparing different incarnations.

But, as I discovered about one and a half Emmanuelle movie in, watching and comparing the different incarnations is of absolutely no use if I’m not taking notes to process my thoughts and the facts. It is, after all, how I work best (and the entire genesis of this blog what you are reading right now, you are).

There are a couple of reasons why I think that Emmanuelle, in her many incarnations, is an utterly fascinating ‘verse to be immersed in.

  • The weird hints of magical realism which crop up in later movies (notably, in the Marcella Walerstein films, where Emmanuelle can transform herself into different people through some kind of magical perfume given to her by a monk…)
  • The constant quest to figure out, as a viewer, what it is that makes Emmanuelle so irresistible
  • The unofficial, non-canon, Laura Gemser-starring Italosploitation Emanuelle films (one M because copyright) are the stuff of dreams for a social studies PHD student
  • The never-not ear-splittingly bad, yet catchy theme songs
  • The franchise delving into technology for both the Krista Allen and Holly Sampson movies
  • The core values of Emmanuelle as a character stay the same, no matter which incarnation you talk about
  • With a few tweaks and polishes to both her and her story, she would still work as a character in this day and age (briefly ignoring the more recent movies starring Allie Haze).

And, as I start to work on bringing the character alive on the page (in a modern day incarnation), I want to share my research with you guys. Yep, I am going into film analyst mode and bringing you my review of all the Emmanuelle/Emanuelle movies ILB and I will watch for this project. It will include notes, gripes, thoughts and (possibly) confusion about storylines and unnecessary shots.

Films we’ve watched so far?

  • Emmanuelle’s Love (Marcella Walerstein)
  • Black Emanuelle (Laura Gemser)
  • Emmanuelle: A World of Desire (Krista Allen)

I’ll be writing down my thoughts on those three in a combo-blog post at some point soon.

So… welcome to Project Emmanuelle, I guess.

I may come to regret this decision.

On another note, Sexpo UK is hitting that there London (Olympia to be exact) pretty soon! If you want to go and check out the first UK edition of this awesome sexual health and lifestyle exhibition, you can get 20% off your tickets with the discount code Boyd2015. Just click on the awesome banner below to get your tickets – and hopefully I’ll see you there!

(Need another reason to give Sexpo UK a go? Main stage performers include the awesome Burlesque superstar Lolo Brow, the hot, hot heat of Pyrohex, and the quite frankly AMAZING lyrical stylings of Rayguns Look Real Enough. UNLEASH THE TIGER!)



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Kay Jaybee and the Erotic Trade Only Awards speech

Kay Jaybee booksI have a guest on the blog today, and really, she doesn’t need any introduction because there’s a pretty good chance you know Kay Jaybee. She’s been writing erotica for over ten years, specializing in *puts on best Aldo from Spy voice* HOT AS FUCK BDSM fiction. For the last couple of years, she’s also been letting out her softer side, as romance writer Jenny Kane.

But it’s the Kay side of her that managed to do something quite surprising a few weeks ago: at the recent ETO awards, she won the Best Writer of the Year award, besting, of all people, EL James. Surprising, yes, but then again it comes as no surprise at all to me: Kay has been honing her craft for over a decade, and her recent The Perfect Submissive series for Xcite proves that she is one of the best BDSM erotica writers in Britain. An award for her work was long overdue.

Unfortunately, due to a pretty weird turn of events (which I’ll let her elaborate on), Kay wasn’t able to attend the award ceremony and therefore wasn’t able to give a speech. And when I read her blog post detailing what had happened, which included a little snippet of what she reckoned she would have said, I decided to give her the floor and let her make her speech after all.

So, let Kay tell you why she thinks buying quality erotica matters. And then go and buy some of Kay’s books. They’re awesome. Especially The Collector.

Just over a week ago I had the great honour of winning the Best Writer of the Year award at the ETO (Erotic Trade Only) Association. To be honest I’m still in shock- the reality of it, even though the award is proudly sitting on a shelf in my living room, hasn’t sunk in yet.

Part of the problem is that I wasn’t at the award ceremony, so I never heard my name being read out alongside fellow nominees. I was up against the wonderful K D Grace, Tiffany Reisz, Emily Dubberly, and EL James. I was supposed to be there; in fact, I was only a few hundred metres away in a hotel room. but an injury I sustained to my leg back on route to the NEC -where the ETO Show and Awards were to take place – kept me from joining in with the fun.

I was disappointed of course, but I wasn’t worried. EL James was in the line up, so she’d win. Let’s be honest here, the ETO is a trade show. Those who are elligible to vote have to be in the erotica trade, and while many in the erotica book world have issues with her writing, it cannot be denied that her domination of the market has worked miracles for the sex toy trade. So in my mind the job was done- she would win. All I was missing out on was a damn good party with my friends and fellow Brit Babes.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

This is how wrong Kay was.
This is how wrong Kay was.

After the elation of winning and the disappointment of missing my name up in lights had passed, I got to thinking. What would I have said if I’d been there? What speech would I have made if I had been able to walk well enough to collect my own award rather than entrust the job to my beloved Brit Babes?

Of course, in reality I’d have been tongue tied and flustered, and probably rambled away about how amazed I was, and how lovely my friends are. But if I’d kept my head together I like to think I’d have said something like this…

“The art of writing erotica is in danger of dying. It has been taken over by a whole host of pseudo erotica. If you want to read well-written erotica- actual erotica, not hot romance (which I have nothing against at all, except for the fact it is called erotica when it isn’t), then it is out there. Look at the work of the Brit Babes- look at Justine Elyot, Janine Ashbless, Ashley R Lister, .and so many more. It is out there. It is well written, it is intelligent, and it has real storylines- all you have to do is look for it.”

This is of course a simplistic statement covering a complex subject. With the vast amount of appalling copycat work based on that of James, Sylvia Day, and many others- some self-published and some (more frighteningly) out with reputable publishers- the task of finding well-written erotica gets harder all the time.

It would be foolish to blame this trend of the rise of hot romance alone. The ease of self-publishing is a bigger factor, and the expensive economic factors involved when any publisher produces a book these days can’t be ignored either. I am not pointing the finger here. No one person or factor is to blame for the current situation. What I’m saying is this –

  1. Hot romance is not the same as erotica – there is a place for both, but they are different products. Please stop marketing one as the other simply because the phrase ‘erotica’ currently sells mainstream ‘non-erotic’ books.
  2. Erotica, like all genres, should have a proper plot line. Any book that does well simply because it has erotic scenes in it is selling its readers short. All novels should engage and captivate the reader because of their storyline, characters, and the twists and turns in the plot. Readers should be turned on by a good read first and foremost; anything else that gets turned on is merely a bonus!

If you don’t know where to look for good erotica then follow these basic rules.

  1. Anything that is not produced by an established publisher should be avoided (I know this is a generalisation, as some self-published works are brilliantly edited, but until you know the genre, this is a good rule of thumb.)

       2. Once you’ve found one writer you like, find their blog site/ Facebook page and see which  writers they communicate with, how they have as guests on their sites. With erotica, short story collections are a great place to start.

  1. Anthologies, from the likes of Cleis Press, House of Erotica, Sweetmeats Press, or Xcite will give you a good mix of styles and storylines, and introduce you to the different flavours of erotica on offer. The Brit Babes have a couple of really good anthologies worth checking out as well.

Basically my message is this- don’t assume all erotica is badly written just because so much of it is badly written. The hunt for the good stuff will be worth it in the end- I promise.

Happy reading,



Kay Jaybee was named Best Erotica Writer of 2015 by the ETO

Kay was also nominated as the Best Erotica Writer in 2013 and 2014.

Kay wrote the The Perfect Submissive Trilogy, (Xcite, 2011-14), Making Him Wait, (Sweetmeats Press, 2012), The Voyeur (Xcite, 2012), as well as the novellas, Not Her Type: Erotic Adventures With A Delivery Man (2nd ed. 1001 NightsPress, 2013), Digging Deep (Xcite, 2013), A Sticky Situation, (Xcite, 2012), and The Circus, (Sweetmeats Press). She has also written the anthologies The Collector (Austin & Macauley, 2012 & 2008), The Best of Kay Jaybee (Xcite, 2012), Tied to the Kitchen Sink, Equipment, (All Romance, 2012), Yes Ma’am (Xcite e-books, 2011), Quick KinkOne and Quick Kink Two (Xcite e-books, 2010). Kay has had over 100 short stories published by Cleis Press, Black Lace, Mammoth, Xcite, Penguin, Seal, and Sweetmeats Press.

Details of Kay’s work, past, present and future can be found at www.kayjaybee.me.uk

Kay on Twitter- @kay_jaybee

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/KayJaybeeAuthor

Goodreads- http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/3541958-kay-jaybee

Kay is also part of the Brit Babes writing collective, to be found here – http://thebritbabes.blogspot.co.uk/p/kay-jaybee.html

Kay also writes contemporary romance as Jenny Kane – www.jennykane.co.uk

Brit Babes button

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Spy Games: Thrilling Spy Erotica is out now!

Actually, it’s been out for about a week and I’ve been ridiculously bad at blogging about it. So, better a week late than actually never, let’s talk about this here anthology what I have edited and what contains 9 really nice stories like.

Cover2Spy Games: Thrilling Spy Erotica

Publisher: House of Erotica

Theme: Contemporary and historical spy thriller erotica

Buy links (ebook and PoD):

Amazon UK (Kindle edition: £3.99/Print: £6.99)

Amazon US (Kindle edition: $5.93/Print: £8.99)

All Romance e-Books ($5.99)

Le blurb:

From the sunny streets of South Florida, to the bars of Paris, to the backstreets of Rome where a secret club for old spies lies hidden, Spy Games is a collection of nine tantalizing tales in which spies and detectives seduce and deduce in all corners of the world.

Edited by Jillian Boyd and featuring stories from the likes of Zak Jane Keir, Slave Nano, Emily L. Byrne and F. Leonora Solomon, Spy Games is filled with danger, desire and the thrill of sex and spying. Unleash your inner Mata Hari and devour this collection… should you choose to accept this mission, of course.

Table of contents

Introduction by the editor

The Sound of the Chime – Ashton Peal

Clean Lies – Anna Sky

A Great Conspiracy of Spies – Slave Nano

Harper – F. Leonora Solomon

Undercover Desires – Ria Restrepo

Lady Isidore’s Change of Heart – Zak Jane Keir

Playing with Mr. Rhymes – Ella Casias

Old Spies Club – Emily L. Byrne

Mid-Life Career Changes – Jessica Taylor

A short bit of nattering about the anthology

I’ve been enamoured with the James Bond franchise for… well, quite some time. I like to think that Pierce Brosnan, while in hindsight not the world’s greatest of Bonds, was one of the major instigators of my sexual awakening (him and his cunning linguism…). And after my first brush with the worldly ways and suave and killer charms of 007, I found myself inexplicably drawn to all kinds of spy and detective fiction. Spooks and its hard-hitting, gritty-as-fuck drama. Paul Verhoeven’s 2006 film Black Book, about a young Jewish woman who becomes a spy for the resistance in World War II. The Saint, Mission: Impossible (the films, mostly), La Femme Nikita (God, I loved that show, 24, J.J. Abrams’ Alias… the list goes on for a bit, really.

The three pieces of spy and detective fiction that came to mind when I was mulling over what I wanted this anthology to feel like were the more recent adaptations of the Sherlock Holmes books (Sherlock in the UK and Elementary in the US), the BBC series Luther, starring Idris Elba and – possibly the show which has had the most influence on me – Waking thDead. And while the anthology might have stylistically turned out a bit different from that original idea, I reckon it turned out even better. The nine stories in this anthology are at turns sensual, funny, tense, thrilling and utterly, utterly filthy. Each of them have that little element in them which I was looking for, the style and pace of a genuine spy flick coupled with heaps of atmosphere and moments which will pebble your skin and make you shiver with arousal.

I’m very proud of this anthology and the authors included have delivered some stellar, original and breathtaking work. And it’s only fair that, because we all really want you to get your own copy of Spy Games: Thrilling Spy Erotica, that I treat you to a little sneak preview so you can read for yourself what kind of delights await you – delights which include an orgasm powered car, a secret club for old spies, a librarian with a dominant streak, a secret 16th century conspiracy and a secret agent posing as a hotel maid and getting herself caught in a very precarious situation…


Excerpt from Clean Lies by Anna Sky

“You’re a naughty little maid, aren’t you?” Ben’s soft tones sounded sexier than anything and Ciara wondered what he had in mind. “Perhaps you need a spanking,” he continued, “unless of course you have other rooms to attend to…?”

His voice trailed off, calm and controlled. Ciara realised that this was her get-out clause. She could walk out of the suite and he wouldn’t be offended as he’d offered her a chance to escape. All she then had to do was capture the data the next time he logged on, send it to her employer and that was it. A large amount of money would be deposited into her account.

Ciara stood demurely, eyes downcast and hands clasped behind her back; she’d made her decision – after all, it wasn’t every day that a sexy millionaire offered a spanking.

She shivered as she felt Ben circle around her, as a predator would circle its prey. He was so close she could feel the warmth from his body but he remained tantalisingly out of reach. He stood behind her and rested his hands on her hips. They felt broad, gripping her firmly, and a frisson of excitement shot through her entire body, radiating from where his fingertips made contact. A hint of citrus hit her nostrils, as he leant forwards to speak to her. His voice was low and quiet, his breath warm as it grazed her cheek. “I think a naughty maid like you needs punishing. Let’s get you over my knee…”

He pulled Ciara in a firm grip over to the dining area of the suite. He had hypnotised her with his voice and manner, and her arousal was unmistakable. Inside the tight outfit her nipples chafed against her bra, and she suddenly felt light-headed. Normally her decisions were rational, and here she was letting her groin rule her head and get her into a very surreal, yet very sexy situation.

The anticipation of the spanking made her press her thighs together to quell the pulsing sensation between her legs but there was no mistaking the wetness she knew was building. She waited with bated breath, the seconds ticking by agonisingly slowly as Ben pulled out a dining chair. Firmly and deliberately, he placed it on the floor in front of Ciara before sitting down and arranging himself.

Without words, he pulled Ciara roughly over his knee. She was taken by surprise at his strength and speed, and as she struggled with her balance on his legs, couldn’t help but let out a small yelp. “Enough of that,” he hissed, slapping her buttocks through her skirt. It didn’t hurt but she took it as a warning of what he expected from her.

“Sorry Sir,” Ciara replied contritely. “It won’t happen again.” She felt him position her over his knee. His thighs were hard and toned, pressing up into her groin, and her feet and hands barely touched the floor. One hand pressed down on the small of her back and she knew she was now held in place and couldn’t stand up without his consent. All the tension and adrenaline of changing the socket then getting caught flooded into her, and the swelling, pulsing sensation grew to a crescendo. She wriggled, trying to press down her groin against his thigh to gain some relief.

“And no moving either!” Ben’s hand came down again, this time harder and the pressure on her back increased, his fingers spread for maximum leverage. She felt each fingertip individually, holding her in place. Ciara’s head swam. Her nipples were hard, pushed against his steely thighs, and her pussy throbbed mercilessly. She forced herself to relax, took a few deep breaths, and steeled herself mentally for what was to come.

The first couple of spanks were easily bearable. He carefully controlled each one, sending only a mild reverberation through her buttocks. He covered the whole fleshy area of her bottom, down to the sensitive tops of her thighs in a steady tempo. Endorphin slowly oozed round Ciara’s system, and she relaxed, taking pleasure in her predicament.

Ben lifted up her skirt to reveal her skimpy thong, and she inwardly groaned at her choice of underwear. His intentions were obvious and there was little protection for her now. The next couple of blows were more difficult to take. He spanked harder and faster on her naked flesh, taking his time to strike the same area several times in exactly the same spot before moving on to the next. Each impact rippled through from where his hand struck, sending a wave of pleasure and pain coursing through to her pussy. Ciara knew that he’d see how turned on and wet she was, let alone smell her arousal. She felt hot and bruised but still wanted more.

He had other ideas though, massaging her rosy flesh and pushing the pain inwards. He pinched and rolled, sparks of pain shooting through Ciara, all ending in her swollen clit. She was on the edge of orgasm, every nerve ending on fire and she nearly cried out as his fingertips skimmed lightly across her panties.

The next moment she was roughly pulled to her feet and she felt Ben’s hand twisting deep into her hair. She struggled not to trip over her panties, which were still wrapped around her ankles. He led her over to the edge of the bed, and left her standing as he kicked off his shoes and hung his jacket on the back of a chair.

“Now, be a good little maid and finish undressing me.”

Ciara stood just in front of him and inhaled. The citrus scent from earlier was still present, and as she carefully unbuttoned his shirt it grew stronger, mixed with a faint smell of sweat and musk from his recent exertion. She ran her hands over his torso, the warm skin of his chest covered in smattering of hair. He had tightly defined abdominal muscles layered with just enough flesh to suggest a life of fine wine and dining. Leaning forward, she darted her tongue against him, tasting shower gel and perspiration, as she took in his scent again.

“Less of that.”  The slight catch in Ben’s breath betrayed his words, but he quickly took charge again and held Ciara by her wrists, preventing her from moving towards him again.

“Now, do as you’re told and undress me.”

Ciara removed his shirt, admiring his well-toned back and his muscular arms. She folded the garment across the back of the nearby chair, staying in her role as maid. Turning back, she carefully unbuckled his belt and pulled, listening to the swish as it came out of the loops. The bulge in his trousers was unmistakable as he said in a low voice, “Perhaps I should have punished you with that instead.” Impatiently, he unzipped his fly and let his trousers fall to his ankles. In an easy movement he took them off, followed by his underwear.

Ben stood naked and commanding in front of Ciara, and she couldn’t help but look him up and down appraisingly. She grinned, feeling the familiar throb from earlier return to her pussy as she looked at his cock. It was obscenely erect, and she reached out her hand, wanting to feel its girth in her fist. He laughed and backed on to the bed, grabbed something from the nightstand and threw it at her. “You’re going to have to wait,” he berated teasingly. “Here, put this on me and come and thank me properly for your punishment.”

Ciara pulled the condom out of the pack he’d thrown at her and slowly unrolled it down his hard cock, squeezing and releasing her hand to tease him. She was rewarded with a low groan, and kicked her legs out of her underwear so she could give them what both they wanted.

She moved against him like a predator, straddling his wide and firm thighs. His chest was warm to her touch, and she pushed him backwards, one hand on each shoulder until he was fully laid back on the mattress. Ben grabbed her buttocks in his hands in return, roughly gripping the bruised flesh to pull Ciara into place, his cock just pushing into her vagina. He held her in place, his hands stopping her from sliding down. She moaned in frustration. All she wanted was relief from all the teasing he’d put her through. He bucked his hips and she felt herself expanding frustratingly slowly around his cock, before he relaxed back on to the bed. Despite her efforts to bear down, she was held firmly in place; he was not going to let her have her way.

He brought one hand round and brushed against her clit with his thumb. He circled it round and round, caressing with a feather-light touch. She felt herself turning to jelly, unable to do anything other than allow him to wind her tighter and tighter. The sensations made her clench against his cock as it dipped in and out, and as she tipped her head back to welcome her orgasm, he pulled her down hard onto his shaft. His cock filled her and she clamped around it as wave after wave of blissful contractions shuddered up and down her body.

Ciara collapsed forwards like a rag doll, exhausted by Ben’s ministrations, but he was not done with her. Rolling round across the huge bed, he flipped her onto her back and thrust deeply into her, pumping hard as he reached for his climax too. She reached round, digging her fingernails into his back, gripping on tightly as she came down from her own high. It spurred Ben on and he pushed a few last times before dropping himself down on her.

He lay heavily on top of Ciara, smelling of sweat and sex. She breathed deeply a few times, mentally fixing the moment in her head, until she heard the sounds of a trolley in the corridor outside the suite.

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Erotic World Book Day (Or Why I Write Erotic Fiction)

If you haven’t guessed from the many tweets and Facebook posts and blog posts and articles going around, today is Erotic World Book Day (the naughty offspring of World Book Day, devised and knocked together by the brilliant minds of Cliterati’s Emily Dubberley, erotica writer Rebecca Black and editor and techy genius Kevin ‘Mitnik’ Blisse in a staggering five weeks flat). The double aim of #EWBD is both spreading the word about the awesomeness of all shades of erotic fiction and raising some money for sexual health and wellbeing charity, Brook.

Over the past four years, I’ve talked a lot about why sex fascinates me. It’s pretty much the cornerstone of my blog, my mantra/slogan/reason of operating – I am, essentially, a massive nosey parker when it comes to sex. I want to know everything. Knowledge is my driving force. And, to me, there’s no better way of absorbing knowledge about something you want to know about than to write about it.

Writing erotica makes my brain work brilliantly – I like thinking about the why of a chance meeting, the how of a seduction or the when of a tongue on a clit or a cock. I like making connections, letting the basic plot points connect with twists that make me grin because I know that I’ve found another connection and each one gets me closer to writing the moment where the chemistry sizzles and ignites and bodies entwine.

The afterglow is the bonus. The cherry on top of my saucy Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte.

Erotica is not an easy genre to write in. Despite what a lot of people might think, it’s a genre filled with delicate complexity and beautiful hints of dark and light. Much like sex itself. It’s not something you can knock up in a couple of hours and then clock off and go for a pint. It’s not a genre entirely populated by alpha-male billionaire doms, gay dinosaurs, heaving bosoms and – in one disturbing recent case – sentient gay dresses. Erotica is a genre with plenty, plenty of nuances. You want a bit of hot romance? You got it. BDSM your thing? There’s plenty. Lover of literary lusts? Have a sip of that cup. Want to read about sexy shifters, hot vampires, time travel, steampunk, zombies, cowboys, or just someone who could quite possibly be the woman sitting next to you on the bus? Guess what? Boom, it’s there. Lesbian, gay, bi, Trans*, Queer, questioning, intersex, ace? There is erotica for you, my friend.

Erotica may not be an easy genre to write in – god knows that a lot of people want to also make you believe it’s The Wrong Genre to write in – but goddamnit I wouldn’t trade what I’ve got going for anything in the world. Sure, I’d love to diversify and write across the board in genres as far as the eye can see. But erotica will always be my true love. Because it makes me think, because it makes me work and because it never stops both sating and firing up my curiosity. Erotica and I, we’ve got a good thang goin’. And no matter what happens, no matter how many adversities this genre may yet face in the future, I will make it my business to keep that good thing going for as long as I have the fight in me.

Erotica is worth your time. Erotica is far more than just one particular trilogy. Buy erotic fiction, support the authors that have put so much effort in to making this event happen and, most of all, find something that truly rocks your boat. It is my wish for you that, on Erotic World Book Day, you discover something (or someone) new.

One way to do that (and also give some money to the lovely folks at Brook) is to get your hands on a copy of An Intimate Education: A Charity Anthology for Erotic World Book Day. 22 very good – not to mention, very speedy – authors contributed to this amazing anthology full of hot safe sex. Who knows, you might find your new favourite author lurking between the digital pages of this book?

Happy #EWBD everyone. Thank you for supporting the genre and buying all our books. It means the world.


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Flash Forward

All things concerned, it would be really easy to just write a post dismissing the entire of 2014 as utter crap. It was a year of violence, death, horrors and injustice that we will no doubt still feel deep in our bones as we stagger out of it into 2015. You can bet that at least half of the year-end (and shows – don’t watch 2014 Wipe if you want to have a nice and placid day without weeping into your pillows) will remind you of what 2014 was.

And if I was going to write a post dismissing my 2014 as entirely utterly crap, that would be plain lying because it wasn’t.  It wasn’t a happy year, but it was a year full of things that, in thinking about them, fill me with happiness, however small. I saw my mother for the first time in ages, I walked the streets of my old stomping ground and sat down on a bench to eat a waffle in them, I edited an awesome anthology, I went to a wedding that will take quite a bit to beat and, for two surprisingly sunny days in March, I attended Eroticon Mark 3 and had a whopping great time. And, most importantly I planted seeds for things to come.

So, instead of writing a long post about looking back on the past year, will you, dear reader, accept a short post on looking forward to some things to come?

– I will be editing another anthology, for which I’m still taking submissions until the end of the month – it’s all about sexy spies and delicious detectives. Read the call here and, if you decide to, submit your story (word count between 3000 and 7000 words) for Spy Games.

– I’ll be published in a couple of anthologies, some of which I’m not yet allowed to tell you about but three of which you might have heard me chattering about on Twitter. You can read (or in fact, listen) to some stories what I’ve done written in Rose Caraway’s Dirty Thirty Vol. 1, Best Erotic Romance 2015 and Appetites: Tales of Lesbian Lust. More info on those (and others) will be on its way in the next couple of months.

– I’ll be attending Eroticon 2015, which, yay!

– This blog is celebrating its 4th anniversary on February 15th, and I might do a thing that relates to it…

– And I will be… well, I will be many things. I will be working my arse off on new short stories. I will be telling you tales of sex, love, relationships and things that go a bit wrong. I will (still) be utterly baffled at things that I see happening at work, out and about and on the TV and internets. I will be taking better care of my own body and soul. I will be reading voraciously, I will be watching a lot of films and I will be (most likely) writing about them on Dork Adore. I will be visiting my mum more often. I will be having plenty, plenty of orgasms and we (ILB and I) will (hopefully) be having a truckload of sex. I will be turning 25 at the arse end of this year. And I will be doing plenty more things that you may (or may not) hear about.

Hi, 2015. It’s nice to have you here. Finally.

I’m really quite fond of this picture, as you may have guessed.

PS – The lovely Jenne from Clitical (the go-to site for all the facts about female masturbation) featured me in Clitical’s Erotica Authors Spotlight – which you probably will have missed in all the party hubbub yesterday. Check it out!

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[S]excerpt Sunday : 72 Hours

Because it’s Sunday, and I’ve been incredibly busy writing lots of fiction stuff this week, I thought I’d let you in to what I was currently working on. Which is difficult because I’m currently working on about three short stories at the same time. Ain’t that always the way it goes, ey?

The three shorts will be included in a solo collection I’m putting together, which I’m hoping to release somewhere early next year. It hasn’t got a title yet, so I’m currently referring to it as That Collection Thingybob What I Am Doing. Just rolls off the tongue, really.

Anyway, this is a sexy (and unedited, so sorry for anything that doesn’t look or sound right!) excerpt from a story called 72 Hours. It’s a story about a tourist in New York City who, through a twist of fate, is reunited with an old marine fling of hers during Fleet Week and rediscovers her intense feelings for him. Only problem is that she’s got 72 hours before she goes back to Britain and no clue as to whether she’ll ever see him again…

From 72 Hours

by Jillian Boyd


Four years ago, I spent the summer in Brighton on a romance writing course. I’d been so excited about it for months and when I got there to find that, even at 25, I was the youngest person there and nobody seemed particularly interested in striking up a conversation with me, I wasn’t worried. I was there to learn and enjoy writing under the sunny skies of the seaside after all.

A week into it and I was baulking from the loneliness. I took a long walk along the pier, wondering why this walk along the pier was the most enjoyable thing I’d done all week. I joined the queue for a soft serve ice cream, right behind a shaven-headed guy who looked annoyingly broad shouldered from where I was standing. Then again, at that moment, everything looked like it had the potential to annoy me. I sighed deeply, which caused the man to turn around. The first thing I noticed about Jason Rowan was just how kind his smile was. The second thing I noticed about Jason Rowan was just how much his voice sounded like a three am tumbler of whiskey that I badly longed to take a sip of.

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Writing Advice Corner – How to capture the runaway idea… before it runs away

Me, when I forget about a potentially genius plot bunny.
Me, when I forget about a potentially genius plot bunny.

Writing erotica can sometimes be a task of Sisyphean proportions. At least, that’s what it feels like if you’ve just found yourself rewriting one sentence for the fifth time because you’re not sure if legs can keep up this particular position for that long. Things like that, little sneaky things creeping up in the middle of a seemingly innocent sentence, can throw you off guard when you least expect it. Some, in the grand scheme of your story, are easy to fix (change a word, add a sentence, there you go). Others are like the one domino tile that won’t stay up – when you take it out (or leave it in), your entire story collapses and you’re left wondering what the hell to do to get the tiles back up.

Another sneaky thing that happens (and trust me, this happens more than I care to admit) is the runaway idea. It’s what I wanted to write about today because I know for a fact that every writer will have this at multiple points in their life… or week, even.

You all know what I’m talking about. That idea that pops into your head – THE best idea you’ve ever had in your whole life EVAR – at the exact moment you don’t have anything at hand to write it down on. The idea that, after a couple of hours of going on with the rest of your day and promising yourself that you’ll write it down as soon as you can, is no longer there. And when you realize it’s no longer there, you will let out a huge groan because it was a bloody fantastic idea and you feel like an idiot for not writing it down.

I had it earlier this week. It was an amazing idea for a lesbian erotica story, which kinda turned me on thinking about it. About four hours later, as I set up my computer, I realized to my horror that I couldn’t remember the amazing idea that turned me on so much. And that was the catalyst for this post. Here are a couple of tips to get that runaway idea and grab it by the scruff of its inspirational neck before it leaves your head. Tips that… well, I should really start following because I’m not exactly the best at it. Again, as with all my tip posts, you take from it what you want and adapt to your situation.

1) Don’t try and remember the entire idea.

Instead, break it up in keywords, like you’d do if you were doing a presentation. Repeat them to yourself in your head a couple of times so you’re familiar with the sounds of the words. If you have to remember a big block of sentences, you’ll forget the idea quicker.

2) Keep some form of note-taking device in your bag.

Not just the old-time classic of a notebook and a pen. Not everyone has space in their bags to accommodate a big notebook, and not everyone has time to whip it out and write it down. I’m a big fan of jotter pads myself, which can fit into most bags (probably 99% of bags, really) and take not much effort to get out and put back in. If you’re really cramped for space (like on a busy commute) your smartphone is your saviour. There are plenty of apps for both Android and iOS that will help you with keeping that idea safe for the time being.

3) And speaking of busy commutes…

Say it’s Monday morning. You’re shuffling along, trying to get to your Central/Victoria Line train and suddenly an idea materializes. For the love of Jesus Hurley Christ, don’t go getting out your phone/notebook/jotter pad/anything right then and there. Wait until you’re sitting down or at least standing somewhere safe. Keep repeating the idea in your head, in keywords like I mentioned in the first idea.

4) Keep a notepad in your bedroom…

But keep it at a distance from your bed. That way, if you happen to wake up with the idea still in your head (which is less likely to happen as you tend to forget things that happened in your brain while you were asleep – but if it happens…) you have to actually wake up to get to the notepad. The short time spent getting yourself up and to where it is will probably get you concious enough so that your idea will come out clearly. Write it down in one to three sentences, as you may not be able to make any sense of keywords in the morning.

5) Once a week…

Take time to sit down with any notes you may have taken. Get some paper and a pen and write your notes out again. Plenty are the times that I’ve lost a notebook (or jotter pad… or the back of a receipt) with a couple of decent ideas in it. This will ensure that you’ve written it all down again, so you have a second copy of your idea. Keep your notes in a folder and keep that folder in a place you can actually see.

And finally…

6) Don’t fret if you’ve lost the idea anyway.

You will have plenty of other ideas throughout your day (week, month, year…) that will hopefully turn into excellent stories (or blog posts, or articles, etc…). It sucks, but it’s par for the course when you’re a writer. Don’t get upset about it – just move on. And maybe another idea will come along which you will be able to capture in time.

— Entering this in the Sex Blog (Of Sorts) Don’t Read Clickbait, Read This! competition —

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She’s Come Undone – Kristina Lloyd answers my questions

Undone blog tour 2014_300

Undone blog tour 2014_300Kristina Lloyd writes the kind of fiction that unearths something raw inside you, something you – most likely – didn’t even realize was there. She does so in her trademark no-holds-barred style and she’s been doing so for over fifteen years. Her new novel, Undone, is out now and as I promised she’s here to answer my burning questions.

Undone is a rich, sensual and terrifying book, which will pull you in and refuse to let you go until you know what happens in the end. Go and buy it, because you need it in your life. And for that matter, you need all of Kristina’s books in your life.

Right! Now, I believe there was a Q&A planned…

What made you want to start writing erotic fiction?

For a long time, I knew I wanted to write fiction but didn’t know how or where to begin. I kept hearing advice to write genre fiction if you want to be published, so I decided to give it a whirl. Erotica was the genre which appealed the most because I’m very interested in sex and desire. I guess my motivations were initially quite pragmatic but once I began to explore, I was hooked.

What draws you to writing erotic thrillers? Are there any other erotic thrillers you can recommend reading?

I love creating narratives of heightened tension and leading my characters into danger. For me, that dark, uncertain, threatening space has a compelling erotic charge. One of my favourite books is Susanna Moore’s In the Cut. There are no sex scenes of the type you’d expect to find in erotica but it’s a thriller shot through with dark, dangerous desire, and there are some brief, powerful horny encounters. It’s beautifully written. Alas, no HEA. Well, actually, hurrah for that! The current expectation for erotic narratives to conclude with a joyful coupling restricts both readers and writers.

What was the inspiration behind Undone?

An exchange of ideas at a writing workshop prompted me to consider applying a classic murder-mystery opening to erotica.

You are one of the most honest authors I know, in the sense that your writing doesn’t shy away from the gritty bits. Do you think this is something that’s missing from the current erotica market – stories with a real life, down-to-earth honesty to them?

Thank you! I find the gritty bits hot so that aspect comes naturally to me. Today’s market Is very commercially driven, with publishing houses pushing the currently popular model of softcore, aspirational romance. Escapism has long been part of women’s popular fiction but I think we’re lacking a counterpoint to that right now. Which isn’t to say I’d like to see more fiction featuring people with office jobs worrying about their gas bill. I think we can depict ordinary lives and longings in extraordinary, imaginative ways. I’d like to see rich inner lives, I guess, rather than rich outer lives.
I have to say, the obsession with billionaires leaves me cold. For me, vast wealth goes hand in hand with a limited social conscience. I’d be more inclined to write about a Marxist revolutionary rather than someone who’s comfortable and minted.

You’ve been an erotica writer for over fifteen years. What are some of the changes to the landscape of erotica you’ve seen happen?

The main change is positive: the shift from women’s erotica being deemed unacceptable and unnecessary to its current broadscale acceptance. The popularity of FSOG, for all the book’s flaws, did demonstrate that women have sexual desire, a fact our culture has ignored for centuries. But the pay off is, because this cultural shift has been very located in the realm of popular fiction, we have a retail and publishing industry who are effectively policing the parameters of female sexuality. Only certain types of books are “allowed” through. We need representations of female desire in other areas, in film, TV, art, porn, popular culture.

Do you have a set-in-stone writing process for writing your novels?

I wish! I’d be a lot more prolific if I had. The idea for a novel is usually triggered by something small and intriguing, then I start weaving other possibilities around that. I usually start writing from the beginning, with a sense of where the story is going, and I sketch out the plot as I’m writing the early pages. I can’t write a plot cold, without those early pages. I need to “feel” the book – where it’s located, its mood, its characters – before I can build the rest of the story.

Your second and most notorious novel Asking For Trouble turned 15 years old this year. What are your memories of when you were writing it, and when it first came out? What was the immediate reaction?

There was no reaction because the internet hadn’t fully arrived. I don’t think I even knew what my publication date was. I did zero marketing. I used to go online for an hour or two at the weekend, and was massively surprised to find Asking for Trouble was regularly ranking high on Amazon’s charts. I think erotica was generally doing well on Amazon, as most people were still buying ordinary books on the high street. But as reviews started to appear, I realised I’d done something different. My editor at the time was hugely supportive. She saw the feminist potential of the genre and was more than happy to have a book on her list which challenged the cultural expectations of female desire. And I was happy to be writing it, to be given a chance to write whatever I wanted, no matter how filthy or shocking people might find it.

Do you think a novel like Asking For Trouble could be written and published today? What do you reckon the reaction would be?

Well, the big publishers are targeting the FSOG crowd, most of whom would be horrified by Asking for Trouble! So no, they wouldn’t touch it. I don’t think Black Lace, in its current incarnation, would publish it either. It’s odd. Asking for Trouble outsells all my other novels combined, and is still selling after all this time. It’s by far the dirtiest, and is also the most commercially successful of my books, but it doesn’t fit the current mould.

In Undone, Lana buys a vintage handcuff collection after her divorce. Did you have fun researching vintage handcuffs? What’s the prettiest pair you found?

Handcuffs are a wonderful thing to research! Strictly speaking, Lana’s is a vintage and military-issue collection but I shorten it to vintage. I spent a lot of time exploring sites dealing in antique militaria and law enforcement supplies. Wow, there are some incredible restraints out there! Undone starts at a party and Lana has with her a pair of Clejuso 15s, the heaviest cuffs ever manufactured. Those were the prettiest I discovered. But I do have a soft spot for nasty, ugly, vicious cuffs as well!

If you had to pick between Thrill Seeker’s Baxter Logan or Undone’s Sol Miller, who would you most like to spend a night with?

Haha! Baxter Logan! He’s permanently randy and so out of control. Then Sol can step in when Baxter’s exhausted.

What are your plans for the future?

Pass! Well, I want to put out a couple of digital anthologies. And I’m toying with a couple of novel and novella ideas. I’d love to be able to develop myself as a writer of erotic thrillers but romance is so in vogue, and it’s a struggle to get heard. I’m not aiming for fame and fortune. Never have done. But, right now, I’m low on the stamina required to write for love. On the personal front, I have a busy year ahead of me so I may use it to take stock. Or I may be gripped by an idea which won’t let go of me, and start writing a new novel next weekend!

Have you got any words of advice for your fellow erotica authors?
Don’t be a hack. Write about what turns you on.

And finally, if you have one, share with us the recipe of your favourite cocktail.

My favourite recipe is:
1. Put on a nice frock
2. Fix a flower in your hair
3. Walk to Valentinos in Brighton/your bar of choice
4. Order a Margarita
5. Order another

About Kristina

Kristina Lloyd writes erotic fiction about sexually submissive women who like it on the dark, dirty and dangerous side. Her novels are published by Black Lace and her short stories have appeared in dozens of anthologies, including several ‘best of’ collection, in both the UK and US. She lives in Brighton, England.

Book cover for Undone

About Undone

When Lana Greenwood attends a glamorous house party she finds herself tempted into a ménage à trois. But the morning after brings more than just regrets over fulfilling a fantasy one night stand.

One of the men she’s spent the night with is discovered dead in the swimming pool. Accident, suicide or murder, no one is sure and Lana doesn’t know where to turn. Can she trust Sol, the other man, an ex-New Yorker with a dirty smile and a deep desire to continue their kinky game?


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